View Full Version : Notice regarding "Urban Exploration"

Richard Flagg
25-04-2008, 21:47

“Urban exploration” has gained a bad reputation in the last few years, as a result of a small number of people not respecting the laws of the land regarding property rights. Whilst there is a great deal of discussion about the good and bad points of “urban exploration”, we at the Airfield Information Exchange (AIX) wish to make it clear that we do not condone inappropriate or illegal activity in the pursuit of your research, and, in order to maintain credibility, we need to dissociate ourselves from the “urban exploration” scene. We are happy to have subscribers who are members of such forums, but the administrators must make it clear that if we suspect that any photos or other content has been obtained inappropriately or illegally, we will remove the material immediately and your account will be terminated forthwith.

The aims of AIX have been laid out in another thread and we wish everyone who uses this site to enjoy it and respect our aims. Together we can all make this forum a success.

The AIX Team