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09-11-2008, 12:44
RAF Shellingford control tower

Hi All
Can anyboby share a little light on this, on Sturday I went around the former RAF Shellingford in oxfordshire (former Berkshire) I have a copy of the RAF site plan.
Building 6 is still intact which is the Fire tender building and next to it should be the control tower but there is nothing that looks like a control tower.
Below is a picture of what is there, what i don't get is why anything would have 2 bay windows.
So does anybody know what type of control tower was on the site.


Any help or thoughts on this would be great.
Cheers Newage

09-11-2008, 14:41
It is a 'Watch Office and Chief Flying Instructor's Office' - Dwg No 641/41. Typically buildings of this type were found on the Elementary Flying Training Schools. Halfpenny Green, and Wolverhampton's were similar. The Chief Flying Instructor was probably a nice guy who deserved a bay window :) .


Paul Francis
09-11-2008, 15:18
Carnaby is correct (as usual), the CFI occupied one of the rooms with a bay window and the other is the watch office.

09-11-2008, 15:42
Thanks for the quick reply, I am getting a little mixed up with the map I have site plan 1945
building 6 is the fire tender shelter & rest room. Below is a picture of the fire tender building


The CFI and watch office are not on my map (well not in that area).

Cheers Newage

Richard Drew
09-11-2008, 19:51

Views of inside still with the pyrotechnics cupboard in place, really this place and its Blister hangars should have been protected as there probably are not many of them left now. Netheravon still has one?.


you can see that in this hangar are the remains of another blister.

http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/awall_use/shellingford01/html/page01.htm (http://http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/awall_use/shellingford01/html/page01.htm)

Paul Francis
28-07-2009, 19:40
Watch Office


Peter Kirk
28-07-2009, 21:13
Watch Office

Funny how weeds didn't grow very tall 30 years ago.

You should put all your CT pics in a follow up book and force every AiX member to buy a copy :)

Paul Francis
28-07-2009, 22:20
No PNK you may recall we were fairly weed-free in the early 80s.

This particular CFI / watch office 641/41 is really similar to a standard cement-rendered brick hut but is 40ft long, 20ft wide with two main rooms having bay windows (one with a pyro cupboard which is the WO and the other is the CFI's office).

Paul Francis
25-05-2010, 23:15
Anyone know if the BHQ is extant here please?

31-08-2010, 21:09
Does anyone have any old aerial photos or postable plans of the site?

Regarding the BHQ, if anyone has a rough location I have a friend in Stanford who would be willing to go and have a look. he's interested in milair but has never explored the remains of his local airfield!

Paul Francis
01-09-2010, 09:55
Here is the location, sorry its only part of a plan, the whole thing was drawn for a new book.

01-09-2010, 10:12
Thanks Paul. If the BHQ was positioned as per the plan it seems likely that it isn't there any more. I've e-mailed my friend with the area to check first (he is also going to have a general wander at last...hopefully!).

27-11-2010, 12:57
Further update on the BHQ (or lack of). Just back from visiting my friend in Stanford for a couple of days. We went and had a wander around and could find no trace of a BHQ. I know 'newage' has also spent quite a lot of time looking around the site and has also found no trace of a BHQ (and thanks to him for the loan of his site plan - and the mug of tea on wednesday!). Around the position shown in Paul's plan there are a few pieces of concrete amongst the hedge/verge but no way of knowing what they are from.

Richard Flagg
09-04-2013, 21:24
Great to meet up with Newage on Sunday for a pleasant hour or so walking around Shellingford, certainly a lot more here than I first thought.

1 - Watch Office

2 - Inside the Watch Office showing the Pyrotechnic Cupboard

3 - Remains of one of the taxiways

4 - Dinghy Shed

5 - Unknown Building

6 - Explosives Store

7 - Door in the Explosives Store

8 - One of the Explosive Store Rooms

9 - One of two remaining Blister Hangars at the airfield

10 - Note the wooden construction of the Blister Hangar

Thanks again to Newage for his company.

09-04-2013, 22:10
The other blister used to have the framework for another one stacked in it...does it still?

Watch office has deteriorated a lot in the past twelve months.

Did you get to any of the other local sites with Mike?

Richard Flagg
09-04-2013, 22:53
Nothing stacked in the other Blister, it was empty.

No other places on this visit, maybe when I am over that way again in a few weeks.

Paul Francis
10-04-2013, 16:22
Unknown building is a Link Trainer

Richard Flagg
10-04-2013, 17:55
Unknown building is a Link Trainer

Thanks NP, its an odd layout, kind of an L-Shaped building

29-09-2014, 20:02
Hi all
Just for the record, what was left of site 3 has now been demolished, the mess room with the static water tank
At one end and the Stanton air raid shelter have been removed by the land owner, this has been done to create
A larger and empty field for live stock, the building were not listed.

Cheers newage