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15-11-2008, 17:54
Whilst poking around looking at details of the Farman Goliath aircraft I found that it crashed at "Marden" in 1930,where apparently there was an" Emergency Landing Ground" at approx 51.10N/0.31E.

Does anyone know of any pictures of this place when in use or know any details of the place (exact location for instance).
As far as I can tell it was actually located between Marden and Staplehurst ...Google Earth shows a very suitable stretch of ground there altho I have my doubts about it being the location as this all took place 70+ years ago.

27-11-2008, 19:46
Marden is described in John Hamlin's latest book Peaceful Fields - see the Research Media section for more details.

A site plan is given along with grid ref TQ766437 and the Farman incident is mentioned. The runway was aligned East/West and was just over 2,000 ft long. You'll have to get the book to find out more... :wink:


27-11-2008, 20:01
Thanks Peter.

29-03-2014, 19:38
Thanks Peter.

Marden Kent is now the base for the Kent Air Ambulance that operates from an industrial site, close to the Opera house warehouse.