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tamiya monkey
30-11-2008, 16:03
Just woundered if anyone has visited this bunker, if so are there any photos available.


i found some info on the net about it.

The 3 level bunker at Shipton was originally built in 1953 as one of 6 Sector Operations Centres for the ROTOR Radar Project. Shipton was vacated by the RAF in about 1960 and in 1962 it was refitted as a Sub Regional Headquarters (SRHQ 21) for the North East Region covering Leeds to Teeside, the ROTOR SOC 'tote well' was floored over in 1968. It was again refitted and rebuilt between 1976 and 1981 when a forth floor was added above the top floor mainly to provide extra dormitory space. To construct this new upper level it was necessary to cut through the 10 foot thick re-enforced concrete roof of the original bunker. The new upper level was covered by a substantial earth mound. The original entrance guardhouse/bungalow was retained (by now heavily reinforced) as the access to the site. Shipton was later redesigned as RGHQ 2.1 one of two RGHQ's in Region 2 (The other was at Hexham).

tamiya monkey
02-12-2008, 20:46
Found some info on here about the site, would be great to visit this place.


05-04-2009, 19:51
Made a brief visit here in January, can't get to the bunker only the guardhouse







It's in here, the bunker that is


Using a very long lens the vent shafts can just be seen



tamiya monkey
13-06-2009, 17:46
Looks in great shape, would be nice to get permission to take a look in there.

Alex Brown
14-06-2009, 11:08
If you want to look round a similar facility may I recommend RAF Holmpton née Patrington

20-12-2009, 22:37
Is Shipton bunker still in use ??

David Thompson
21-12-2009, 00:15
I was lucky enough to have two visits around the bunker before it was sold . The site was sold by formal tender dated 17 December 1996 by Mowlem Facilities Management on behalf of the Home Office and was described as the former Regional Seat of Government , Shipton By Beningbrough . I have a copy of the tender document which is quite descriptive and includes a site plan and plans of all four levels . It was originally built with three levels as an R4 SOC within ROTOR but the extra accommodation level , the top floor actually above ground , was added when it became a SRG . When I visited all the services were operational and it was in very good condition and even the standby generators were still being maintained and run up by Mowlem . I'm pretty sure , as in all these cases , that the landowner was given first option to buy the site which I believe he did . Also close by and on the farm is the standby powerhouse which was designed to look like a chapel .

24-12-2009, 23:42
David, thanks for the reply to the post. Your the first person i have spoken to that has actually been into the bunker itself. Would i be correct in saying that you enter and exit via the guardhouse at the gates (which looks like a chapel) ? The other question is would you be able to email me a copy of the tender document including the site plan and plans of the four levels? It would be great if that was at all possible. thanks again for the info. Harry Thomson p.s. Email, harrytom@hotmail.co.uk

25-12-2009, 08:43
htthomson , I recommend that you order a copy through your local lbrary of:

COLD WAR - Building for Nuclear Confrontation 1946 - 1989 by Wayne Cocroft et al published by English Heritage ISBN 1 873592 69 8

Lots of pics and diagrams on Rotor bunkers plus raison d'etre.

25-12-2009, 23:49
Thanks for the post, will get a copy of that. Still looking for a copy of the tender document of Shipton bunker if anyone has one ???????????????????. (also have interesting info on shipton that i can exchange in return for the tender document)

21-01-2012, 14:05
I Googled RAF Shipton and discovered your website. I worked there as a Fighter Plotter in 53/4 and was on duty during the Coronation. If anyone would like to know more let me know.

Peter Kirk
21-01-2012, 21:27
Welcome binsey. Anything you can add to the Shipton thread would be most welcome. No doubt you have found it already but for those that haven't it is here http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?1344-Shipton-(-KFY-)-R4-ROTOR-Sector-Operations-Centre-amp-SRHQ-21&highlight=shipton

22-01-2012, 08:26
Welcome to AiX binsey, any interesting anecdotes of your time there and at RAF airfields will be welcome.

Richard Flagg
04-03-2013, 21:43
Photos from David Thompson









05-03-2013, 02:14
What's the current status? Now back in the hands of the former landowner but unused?

David Thompson
05-03-2013, 10:38
Yes , the site is owned by the landowner and the bungalow is in very good condition . The mast as seen in Post#3 is still there but much enlarged and I presume that the 'associated kit' is maintained inside the bungalow and hence the activity seen in the photos .
What is HMX Crown Property or is that a type of pseudo-official sign to keep visitors away ?

05-03-2013, 15:08
What is HMX Crown Property or is that a type of pseudo-official sign to keep visitors away ?

The only 'HMX' I know of is the US designer clothing chain..

I did find a reference to 'HMX Crown Properties LLC.' A property management company based in Luxemburg but then two big guys with funny accents arrived on my doorstep and warned me off further 'enquiries'. A contact in the Irish G1 Intelligence Service advises me that Shipton R4 is the main covert FOB of the Luxemburg Secret Service. A shadowy organisation specialising in global mayhem and destabilisation. Apparently the Russian Mafia use them for difficult and dirty jobs which they can't do.

Richard Flagg
11-04-2013, 19:12
Two photos I took at Shipton on 31 March 2013.

Any idea what this is behind the main bungalow building?

These vents are on the rear wall of the bungalow, was it just plant equipment that needed enting or was this air conditioning related?

09-08-2013, 01:32
"Any idea what this is behind the main bungalow building?" powerhouse i think

09-08-2013, 09:44
Or a pump house. There were three bores drilled inside the site area; two are listed confidential and the other is:


But, I agree, it looks more like an electricity sub station or switchgear room.

20-02-2014, 10:25
I have legally and legitimately been in the bunker.