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11-12-2008, 16:59
Just thought I'd let you guys know I am off to Holmpton this weekend. It's a big underground nuclear bunker in Humberside. It's also a museum, quite interesting if you want to look at it. It only closed it the 80's.
I'll try to get some normal pics up of it next week if I can.

Paul Francis
11-12-2008, 17:25
Mind the laptops!

11-12-2008, 18:09
Holmpton? Isn't that what should be called Patrington?

Paul Francis
11-12-2008, 19:44
Absolutly RAF Patrington not Holmpton only became RAF Holmpton when it was no longer RAF

10-04-2009, 01:23
Just a quick one. I have access to Holmpton overnight on Halloween with a group of friends. I have it from 8pm alone until everyone turns up at around 9-9.30pm. If anyone is around the area and wants to roam alone around the rooms please feel free to let me know. There will be no guide for you, you have access to the whole uderground area if you wish to have a good nosey undisturbed. If you wish to stay a little later then I have a friend who is doing a past-life regression session too for anyone who believes in re-incarnation.

Richard Flagg
19-02-2010, 19:09
RAF Patrington / Holmpton official website online now;

They also have a History site too;


19-02-2010, 21:27
Absolutly RAF Patrington not Holmpton only became RAF Holmpton when it was no longer RAF

Don't really understand this. According to Sub Brit, Patrington was the WWII GCI complex, which proved unsatisfactory for post WWII development, hence an adjacent site - three miles away - was selected.

On the 5th September 1952 Fighter Command officially adopted the name RAF Holmpton and at the same time confirmed that RAF Patrington would have no role to play in the ROTOR (http://www.subbrit.org.uk/rsg/features/rotor/) programme. RAFM has a site plan for Holmpton VQJ. Any idea what the 'VQJ' is ?


Richard Flagg
12-06-2010, 16:53
via Terry Clout (JSU) RAF HOLMPTON / subbrit

The Operations Area of RAF SUPPORT COMMAND which was based
at RAF HOLMPTON between 1984 and 1991 has now been
fully restored - Following extensive research both the
allocation centre (supply centre) and Command Pit now
contain all original equipment/charts & details just as
the area was during its operational days. New viewing
windows have been installed to give a 'birds eye' view
of the Command Pit floor which is exactly 80ft below
the surface.

Although open since 2004 this area was always scheduled
for full restoration and is now open to visitors in it's
authentic form.

Richard Flagg
15-06-2010, 17:12
Attached photo from David Thompson


David Thompson
15-06-2010, 18:57
Thanks REF . The photograph was taken on 11 July 2009 looking east towards the coast . The main entrance to the site , car park and guardroom bungalow with access to the museum and underground system is on the left centre . I have been on a visit to the museum there before and it is well worth the effort if a little difficult to get too ! I can't remember what all of the other surface buildings were but I'm sure the one at the top of the car park was a standby generator house and I seem to remember a workshop and guard dog kennels .

Peter Kirk
15-06-2010, 23:46
Holmpton also had an air to ground range on the coast and an air to air range just off the coast.

David Thompson
10-07-2010, 22:49
Heritage Open day at Holmpton , 10 September 2010 ;

This year in conjunction with English Heritage
(HERITAGE OPEN DAYS 2010) RAF Holmpton will be
holding a special FREE visit on the morning of
Friday 10th September - Gates 10.30am
Visit 11am ending about 1pm.

Our very special guest this year is Professor Nigel
Butterworth, who was the Government's Chief Advisor
(Emergency Planning) during the 1980's.
Professor Butterworth was the
person directly responsible for a huge number of
Bunker Rebuilds and Refurbishments. Including the
improvement of most of the ROC Group Controls, the
building of some new RGHQ's at Chilmark, Cultybraggan
and Crowborough, and the refurbishment of Hack Green,
Skendleby and other sites.

He was also responsible for the major builds and rebuilds
at Naphill, Daws Hill, RAF Holmpton etc.

The professor will be giving an illustrated talk (film & slides)
and there will also be a walk through parts of RAF Holmpton
which have never been open/seen before by visitors.

Places are very limited and to obtain tickets go to www.rafholmpton.com
then click on the Special Events Page and use the email link there.

Steve Lewis
RAF Holmpton

Richard Flagg
27-05-2012, 11:20
This email arrived yesterday via Nick Catford / Subbrit

Due to a major failure of the ventilation system at Holmpton, the bunker will be closed for the rest of 2012 while repairs and/or replacement are made. The main intake motor has blown (this is original). It weighs 2 tons and is probably beyond economic repair.

James Fox would like to apologise for any disappointment.

29-09-2012, 19:01
I used to visit RAF Patrington while I was based at North Luffenham during the period, roughly, 1972 to 1974.

It was not a place we looked forward to visiting.

I used to service the Ottringham TACAN beacon which used to be just off the main road from Keyingham to Ottringham. Both it and the ROC post on the other side of the road have now disappeared without trace.

On occasion we used to have to visit the RAF Patrington domestic/technical site in the village of Patrington (now a caravan/leisure site) either to refuel or to kip in the transit accommodation (transit accommodation was generally poor, Patrington's was particularly bad). Both of these required a visit to the Guardroom to book in and out and invariably the Station Warrant Officer would catch us for some dress or hair infraction.

I never visited the hole which is now RAF Holmpton back then, but did visit last year.

Here are some photos

the "bungalow" entrance to the bunker

A view over the top of the bunker from the car park

Looking down the long corridor from the bungalow

The main plotting table

The medical centre

The "Laptops"

RAF Patrington station crest

click on the tthimnails for larger versions
I have more photos if anyone is interested

Well worth a visit when it is open (unless you are claustrophobic)


Richard Flagg
01-10-2012, 20:50
Great to see these Kevin, not seen the inside of this place before but it looks like an amazing place to visit. It is on my to do list. Maybe next year!

02-10-2012, 20:12
A few from my old collection taken just before its closure. Notice the drum of cable awaiting to be installed.

A rare snapshot of the modulator building

And another.

More when I find them!

David Thompson
10-08-2014, 20:02
Taken from a Subbrit circular , the HOD is on Saturday 13 September ;

As part of Heritage Open Days 2014 the R3 ROTOR bunker at RAF Holmpton will
be open at 10am with FREE admission to everyone. Visitors will be free to
explore all areas on their own without sounds or videos or guides. Walk
round at your leisure and take as many pictures as you like.

As it's also the 20th anniversary of Heritage Days UK RAF Holmpton are also
offering the chance to meet up with some of the last members of the actual
ROC team that were stationed at RAF Holmpton until 1995 manning the NBC.
They will be on hand to meet and answer questions between 10am and 12.30pm. There will also be demonstrations
of the WB1400 and WB400 systems along with the warning sirens.

The AC plant room and emergency exit tunnel will not be open to the public
but if any SB members want to visit these areas all they need to do is speak
to James Fox, mention that they are SB members, and they will be given

David Thompson
10-12-2014, 22:39
This was posted on the Subbrit forum on Monday , 8 December and may be of interest ;

Just thought you might like to know that we completed the purchase of
the former RAF Holmpton from the MOD today at 12.45pm

Full details are up on our website at www.rafholmpton.com
PAGES:- Tour Opening Times - RAF Holmpton 2014 - News Page.

Any members wishing to visit and see the bunker 'AS IT IS' should come
along this Saturday the 13th or our last day of the 2014 season
Saturday 20th.

We will then be closing throughout the whole of 2015 to carry out a total
refurbishment of the entire site to bring a TOTALLY NEW VISITOR EXPERIENCE
for the future. With new artefacts - More original equipment - Working exhibits -
New areas never before seen - And much better Unrestricted Access allowing
greater photo opportunities and plenty of Visitor Time.

Due to the terms of our old lease we were under some restrictions as to how we could operate
in the past, but with these no longer applying we have great plans for the future to
take the former RAF Holmpton to the next level.

Special Previews will be available for 2016 and I will provide you with details when they
are available.

Best wishes
James Fox

David Thompson
18-03-2015, 00:27
The 'bunker' is to remain closed this year and will re-open on the 23 March 2016 . Some details here ;

18-03-2015, 13:10
Just thought I'd let you guys know I am off to Holmpton this weekend. It's a big underground nuclear bunker in Humberside. It's also a museum, quite interesting if you want to look at it. It only closed it the 80's.
I'll try to get some normal pics up of it next week if I can.

Hi There, you will enjoy your visit.
I lived for many years in Patrington, I was a retained fireman and we visited the bunker at Holmpton for fire safety purposes.
At that time it was still in the hands of the M.O.D. I was surprised how big it was underground, and it was immaculately clean.
The entrance or gatehouse looks like an ordinary bungalow.

18-03-2015, 13:19
Just thought I'd let you guys know I am off to Holmpton this weekend. It's a big underground nuclear bunker in Humberside. It's also a museum, quite interesting if you want to look at it. It only closed it the 80's.
I'll try to get some normal pics up of it next week if I can.

Holmpton? Isn't that what should be called Patrington?

Hi there,
RAF Patrington was an actual RAF depot, located at Patrington Haven, I think it closed in the late 70`s or early 80`s ?
The old base houses are still there next to a caravan park and council house estate.
There was still a lot of ex RAF families in Patrington when I lived there.
RAF Holmpton (bunker) is at a separate location a few miles further away from Patrington.

18-03-2015, 23:32