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14-12-2008, 21:25
I will soon be visiting Stratton Strawless Hall nr Norwich as this was used during WW2 by the RAF, they built a ' radio room' which is still extant, personnel were billetted in the hall and the surrounding grounds.
Is there anyone who has more detailed info on this site, i've tried Googling it but drew a blank.
I know this might fall out of the remit of this forum but with the wealth of knowledge out there someone must be able to help.

15-12-2008, 18:01
It's Coltishall's Ops Room. This document (http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/publications/raf-coltishall-photographic-characterisation-rdrs-68-2007/) mentions the site.
See page 21/93, or numbered page 6


15-12-2008, 22:21
Thanks for that Carnaby, i've kept the full document and having looked through i soooooo want to get onto Colt to see these buildings, as my post says on the Colt thread next year should see my wish come to fruition.
Back to Stratton, this has given me a lead which i'll pursue, thanks again.

09-10-2011, 15:18
Hi I was stationed at RAF Coltishall in the early 1960 and lived in the old servants quarters in Stratton Strawless Hall which I had listed as an RAF Hiring. The owner of the place was called Peter and his wife Jill. Two other RAF guys lived in the Hall proper with their wives in flat
like accommodation. There were three residential caravans parked on the front lawn, also occupied by RAF people. One of them, a Flt/Lt pilot from 23 sqdn. I think was building a boat in the old ops. room. We spent many a happy hour up there on the ledge drinking beer and chatting.

Please drop me a line if I could be of further help to you.

Paul Francis
09-10-2011, 15:48
That page is not available. I think u meant it was Colitshall's EOR not ops room as that is on base.

09-10-2011, 18:26
That page is not available. I think u meant it was Colitshall's EOR not ops room as that is on base.
I've just updated the link in post #2. It's Part 1 you need , but both are very intersting.

Paul Francis
09-10-2011, 18:46
Ah! so the EOR is at Catton and the AOR is at Stratton Strawless Hall.