View Full Version : Epperstone ? WWII Bombing range ?

16-12-2008, 17:06
My Dad flew in Lancasters with 9 Squadron during the 2nd World War. His log book has, against a couple of sorties, the remarks ......

"H.L.B - Epperstone"

All his live sorties are prefixed with the word "Operation" so I assume the above entries are training sorties. The only Epperstone I can find is in Nottinghamshire. Does anyone know of a bombing range there in 1944?

16-12-2008, 18:22
Yes there was. Target about SK646352. Absolutely nothing to indicate its presence today.

16-12-2008, 18:48
Wow! That was quick. Many thanks!

Peter Kirk
16-12-2008, 19:08
The co-ords come up as the village of Cotgrave. Is that correct? If so I hope they cleared it before building on it.

16-12-2008, 19:14
Sooooorrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee! that should be SK646FIVE02. You must be bored PNK!

16-12-2008, 20:00
It may have been a radar target, perhaps a wwii version of say the Tumby bomb plot.

Peter Kirk
16-12-2008, 22:01
Bored ? Yes. Working from home today waiting Citrix to keep up!

Richard Flagg
16-12-2008, 22:06
"H.L.B - Epperstone"

What does 'H.L.B' stand for?

Peter Kirk
16-12-2008, 22:27
High level bombing?

17-12-2008, 10:30
That is correct.