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Richard Flagg
14-01-2009, 22:43
Can anyone tell me where the location of Sundridge airfield is? I believe there is a terrace of pre war hangars extant, can anyone confirm?

15-01-2009, 15:51
Don't know if you've read this.....

http://www.bbc.co.uk/ww2peopleswar/stor ... 0305.shtml

Also elsewhere it is mentioned as an ELG(somewhere in a thread I read on PPrune some time ago)

Only other (maybe) clue is that QinetiQ do have a site there on what appears to be an industrial estate or garden centre.(Google Earth).

Richard Flagg
15-01-2009, 18:24
Dave, thanks for the info, though can you please re-post the link as it doesn't work! Put the at the beginning and end of the link and it'll save it breaking!!

15-01-2009, 20:13
Yes OK Richard - should have checked it when I posted it ...here it is again..not terribly exciting but at least confirms the existence of the place


Peter Kirk
15-01-2009, 21:33
I had an article in Bygone Kent on Sundrige but blowed if I can find it. I'm sure there is a pic of it with aircraft remains all stacked up, or was that Cowley?
If I do find it I will precis it for you.

16-01-2009, 14:07
Was this the same Sundridge aerodrome where Prince Serge de Bolatoff (not kidding!) tried to set up a factory shortly after WW1 to build the SDB-1 biplane? Of course it came to nothing as the market was flooded with ex-military biplanes which you could pick up for a song.

A few years ago there was a planning apllication to reopen it as an aerodrome but it failed due to its proximity to the Foreign Secretary's country seat at Chevening. Security implications and all that.


Paul Francis
16-01-2009, 16:02
The one and the same. Yes Ianp to everything you have said.

16-01-2009, 16:25
SDB-1 biplane

Does anyone have a picture/drawing of this?

29-01-2009, 19:32
Hi, from robert. The By Gone Kent you want is Vol. 8 pp.319-321. Let me know if I can be of any help, it's down the road from me but access is very tight as it is a private scool.


Peter Kirk
29-01-2009, 22:15
Robert - Thanks for the Bygone Kent info. I think I must have stored it in the loft so it's not accessible at the moment.

Paul Francis
29-01-2009, 22:38
Didn't AiX have a visit there in the early eighties? Ah no that was me and Scapa.

Richard Flagg
30-01-2009, 00:22
Thanks Robert, I'll let you know when I am next heading down to the area.

08-04-2011, 01:14
I have recently started work at the school this site was part of. I am interested in learning more about it and, if possible, finding pictures of it in use. If anyone has any information I would be most grateful.

Richard Flagg
23-12-2011, 14:40
I have had this email rgearding Sundridge Airfield. Can anyone offer any help or advice?

Hello Richard. I am researching Sundridge Aerodrome in Kent TN14 6AE. It was set up in 1915 by Prince de Bolotoff to build biplanes and then used in WW2 as a recovery base. I have various articles and publications. There are still three timber Listed hangers at the site. My Wife works at Combe Bank School and they are organising a Time Team type "dig" in June. We have a 1943 photo showing an old scrap heap with an ME 110 and other parts on it. We need to exactly locate the scrap heap which locals say was bulldozed into the ground at the end of the War. Any advice or help would be gratefully received. Regards. Peter