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Lt Cmdr ( A )
01-07-2008, 19:51
RNAS Stretton situated 3 miles South East of Warrington in Cheshire was the Fleet Air Arms main Aircraft Maintainence Yard, ( A.M.Y.) and was used for training and disembarked squadrons from carriers on convoy duty berthing in Liverpool. At her heyday she was as big and as important as her near neighbour RAF Burtonwood. Sadly all that is left is the main runway, taxiways and perimeter track, along with a few hangars scattered here and there.

01-07-2008, 21:04
Hi Lt Cdr, I well remember cycling out to Stretton in the late 1950s to stand at the end of the runway and watch the Wyverns land on, what a fantastic sound they made, also went on a couple of visits to the Station organised by the MGAE, there were always a selection of aircraft to see.


02-07-2008, 09:21
You lucky so and so Robin, I believe Stretton was also at one time home to the FAA training facility for teaching pilots how to land on carriers (complete with the carrier equipment), I think they had based Attackers for this role.

Lt Cmdr ( A )
02-07-2008, 12:32
Hi mawganmad,yes you are correct, 767 Squadron FAA arrived at Stretton on 20th September , 1952 equipped with Firefly F4's and Sea Furies, eventually equipped with Attackers and Avengers and Sea hawks. They were designated as Landing Signal Officers Training Squadron or " Batsmen ".

They main runway had a Dummy Deck Landing Area painted on it the exact same dimensions as the decks of the current carriers. In an aside they were nicknamed " Clockwork Mice " owing to the monotonous job of executing some 2000 landings per year training the D.L.O.

Lt Cmdr ( A )
06-07-2008, 14:11
Control Tower at H.M.S. Blackcap, early 1960's


Lt Cmdr ( A )
06-07-2008, 14:14
Another view of Control Tower, showing Rescue Tender Shed at side.


17-01-2009, 18:52

Peter Kirk
17-01-2009, 20:24
Runways and peri track are remarkably intact south of the motorway.

30-09-2009, 13:57
Hi all,

I've visited this airfield on a few occasions. Following closure the Airfield was rented by Shell Oils as a test track for high performance engine oils, hence why the perimeter track is in such good condition. I don' think it's been used by Shell for quite some years now, but on my last visit it was in reasonable condition. Shell have some small 'Portakabin' type offices and a raised 'Control/Obs tower' on one side of the field, marked on the picture. Both were empty and very damp when I went.

The bottom end of the runway is occasionally used for Police driver training. It is a very cold and windy place! A word of caution though, access is via the front garden and driveway of an adjoining house, so unless its an official visit i don't think the casual visitor would be encouraged. Unless you can find another way in that is?


Richard Flagg
10-10-2009, 14:28
Some photos that I took at Stretton on 7 October 2009











12-10-2009, 11:41
In 2004 'Antrobus Heritage' published a book about HMS Blackcap. Written by Derek Enfield (who lives locally) it contains quite a few photos and personal stories. During the preparartion Derek collected quite a large number of photos that weren't used in the original book and most were subsequently reproduced in a second book.
For locals with an interest in Blackcap's history the first is well worth tracking down (I don't have a copy of the second and must ask Derek if he has a spare left!).

Jon H
04-11-2009, 00:54
Chances of flying ever returning to Stretton look rather slim given it is being lined up to be a race/test track -



04-11-2009, 12:04
The first slide states: 'The site was requisitioned by the MOD and the Aerodrome was built for the Fleet Air Arm.'
Wrong and wrong; it was built as a fighter station for the RAF to defend Manchester and Liverpool.

Not a good start for a presentation!


11-03-2010, 15:49
Now to try a live link to something that people are less likely to photograph at Blackcap - the site of the entrance gateway to the long gone Eagle Communal site:


How about a combined view of aerial and street views, a couple of the old hangars on the AMU site:


27-02-2011, 17:42
Stretton brings to mind lines of Seafires up for the chop (100s), 3 have been restored and are airworthy; ATC AEFs in a Dominie (Rapide type), Attackers leaving scorch marks on the tarmac, and a Pawnee using it in the 70s for bug bashing. There is a small private grass strip to the south that was home to a Stearman.

Richard Flagg
10-02-2012, 01:00
This photo is from Michael Dawson anlong with the following question:

Could one of you clever people please confirm what these buildings were used for, on or close too, Royal Naval Air Stations in WW2 ???

I thought they were Radar stations (training purposes), but now I have been told they are Radio stations!!!! Help


This photo is at Stretton, I am just using it as an example ad the was a near identical one at HMS Ringtail at Burscough. I have a photo of this one on the way dated 1945, but there seems a little confusion as to what the buildings are exactly.


Can anyone help?

10-02-2012, 03:33
It was the RADAR site, here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=53.33025468507074&lon=-2.5370317697525024&gz=19&oz=8&gt=1). Notable as it was the first to house joint military and civil air traffic controllers when it became "Northern RADAR".

The picket post and tractor shed still exist in reasonable condition. The radio huts were in very poor condition last time i was up there.

The wireless transmitter site had a single building, here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=53.35591132205887&lon=-2.5477713346481323&gz=19&oz=9&gt=1), with the aerial arrays around the outside of the visible rectangular area.

Also see: http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?3995-Northern-Radar-Antrobus-%28Stretton%29

28-04-2012, 18:02
Visited Stretton on the 21st April. Access is very easy via the eastern entrance which is part of the peri track extention and is now frequently used by dog walkers


southern dispersals

rear entrance to the Type B fighter pen shelter

inside the Type B fighter pen shelter

The Shell buildings have been attacked by the local youths
eastern observation room
western observation room

28-04-2012, 18:02
southern taxi way looking west

southern taxi way looking east

front entrance to the Type B fighter pen shelter

hangar on the private strip that uses part of the NE taxy way as a runway

CFM Shadow on the NE private strip

looking down the main runway from the eastern end

SW taxy way

There is now a microlight strip just outside of the SW boundary of the old airfield know as Barley Hay

thanks for looking

Richard Flagg
11-06-2012, 13:10
Can anyone give me any idea of how many hangars were built at Stretton? Also, how many still survive?


12-06-2012, 10:13
From the two Admiralty Controlled Books:


4 Squadron 60 by 70 by 20 ft
4 Squadron 60 by 70 by 17 ft
1 Blister under construction
One ARS (185 by 105) on north side of airfield at repair yard (storage under construction - planned for 25 aircraft)


4 Teesside 'S' 60 by 70 by 20 ft
6 Mains 60 by 70 by 17 ft
1 Blister for ATC gliders
Workshops at repair yard. (Storage now planned for 300 aircraft)

Richard Flagg
12-06-2012, 10:21
Thanks Graham!

23-12-2012, 19:53
I had the opportunity to visit this place today, wow what a huge site! I did not expect it to be this big and in such a good condition.

Will be going back soon, I am after a site layout or map if anybody can help?


24-06-2014, 17:22
Hi all,
A few weeks ago my son and I called in on a few airfields enroute from Fife to Dorset for the Swanage Railway Diesel Gala, Stretton was the first we went to. We didn't have a great deal of time so just a few images from locations seen before.
Looking west from the threshold of Runway 28
Looking east from the threshold of Runway 10
The intersection of Runways 10/28 and 03/21 from the threshold of 10
Runway 10 threshold

At the gate by the 10 threshold off the road was a note of proposed planning consent for a car park on the airfield which included an underground section. The date on the letter was recent and I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo of it. I have looked on Cheshire Council's website at their planning applications and can not find any details of it. I was starting to doubt myself but my son confirmed it.


Iain Taylor
24-06-2014, 18:45
.......... I have looked on Cheshire Council's website at their planning applications and can not find any details of it. I was starting to doubt myself but my son confirmed it.

Jules, it will not be either of the Cheshire planning departments. Application will be via Warrington and may refer to the YOI or industrial estate on the west side of the M56 rather than the area where you saw the notice as they tend to post them on several gateways around the old airfield boundary.

Iain Taylor
26-06-2014, 14:16
Planning application is 2014/23332 and is for an office block with underground car storage/display area . Involves removal of some of the peritrack, the remaining fuelling apron (probably also the ADI block but that wasn't obvious as I read through it), the remaining bomb store building and removal of the trashed Shell Oils test buildings. Landscaping and new entrance. The two remaining dispersal pens will not be removed.

Essentially it's a re-hash of all of the previous applications to begin the creation of a motor racing experience centre.

Probably the thin edge of the wedge and to me the loss of the open space is more significant than the loss in terms of the airfield.

28-06-2014, 20:25
Thanks very much for the information, very interesting. And it confirms I'm going nuts.......well not yet anyway:lol:


Iain Taylor
23-02-2015, 19:07
Walking past the RADAR / ATC site today. Almost all cleared and a new house built.



One of the post-war buildings from 'Northern RADAR'

Richard Flagg
24-02-2015, 11:52
Where abouts was that site Iain?

Iain Taylor
24-02-2015, 20:32
On Occupation Lane,
(as shown in post #16)

Lt Cmdr ( A )
25-02-2015, 17:35
For our technical members, I believe " Northern Radar " had two types a " low level coverage " type 227 standard naval system ( circa, 1950's ) and a " high level type " system type 15. The type 227 aerial being " chicken wire " ? nailed to a large wooden frame, rotated by an electric motor. heath Robinson or what, but there again, I suppose we are talking of the 1950's era.

The site was manned by 4 Civilian Air Traffic Controllers and 2 Assistant Controllers, bussed in each day from Manchester. The naval Personnel consisted of 2 Naval Controllers and 2 Assistant Controllers, based at RNAS Stretton ( H M S Blackcap ) just up the road. O.I.C was Lt. Cmdr . Maurice Graham and Lt. Carson, known, obviously as " Kit ".

Iain Taylor
25-02-2015, 18:49
See also http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?3995-Northern-Radar-Antrobus-%28Stretton%29

Lt Cmdr ( A )
01-03-2015, 21:19
Looking through some old books & photographs and came across these photographs of Stretton, H.M.S. Blackcap.

First one is self explanitary, second one. have no idea of vehicle, believe it could be some form of foams tender ? Anyway it was based at RNAS Stretton in the 1950's21453.


Peter Kirk
01-03-2015, 22:23
The second is probably a foamer as it looks exactly like the Airfix Kit but with a different cab. Thorneycroft, Scammel?? I only suggest those makes as I did have some diecasts that resembled it.

02-03-2015, 09:52
White wall tyres! How gauche....typical fish-heads....

Lt Cmdr ( A )
02-03-2015, 12:51
Thank you Peter for that enlightened response !!!

Typical reply from " The Brylcreme Boys ", lol.:lol:

02-03-2015, 13:28
The FAA guys always referred to us RAF 'chaps' as crabfats accompanied with a sideways scuttle:)