View Full Version : Wolverhampton / Pendeford

Peter Kirk
02-02-2009, 00:18
The airfield in the early 1950s


09-02-2011, 03:51
I remember reading (in Aviation News or Fly Past circa 1988 ) that after it closed (1970 ?) a light aircraft took a gamble and landed in the long grass - only to come to grief on an abandoned bedstead.
The added Irony being that this ex aircraft factory (Boulton Paul) moved over into making bedroom furniture!

09-03-2011, 19:44
Pendeford tower circa 1965.
(Frame from old 8mm movie film)

10-03-2011, 07:28
Even with Super 8 (8mm movie film) that would be a heck of an enlargement so I am surprised that the quality is quite good.

Thanks Balliol.