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02-02-2009, 13:26
In my research into my fathers time spent in Bomber Command (http://www.raf-bombercommand.co.uk) I have attempted to trace the surviving member of the crew who were shot down over Hamblin 8th Oct 1943 in Lancaster Bomber ED 995 PH-X
This plane carried my father through his complete first tour ( 30 operations) in the summer of 1943.
The only surviving member of the crew was Sgt P J Bemrose who was imprisoned in the POW camp at Muhlberg, Stalag IVB.
During the time spent a Stalag IVB he joined a group of men headed up by Tom Swallow to form the Muhlberg Motor Club and produced monthly magazines on all things motoring with everything handwritten and hand-DRAWN in vegetable inks, ink from lamp-black and soot etc)
Each edition was circulated around the camp from May 1944 to March 1945.
P J Bemroseís contributions were poems and landscape drawings one being titled The Awakening. Itís the view from the childhood bedroom of P.J. Bemrose, and is a view of the Wye Valley.
This view kept Tom Swallow going through four years of captivity when he first saw the original drawing, and after the war - and onother fifteen years of searching on every family holiday he could afford - he finally located the house with that view out of the top bedroom window and bought it to later retire to!
Many of these monthly magazines have been produced in a book Memories Of The Open Road by Tom Swallow and Arthur H Pill.
If anyone has information on St P J Bemrose please contact me at
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03-02-2009, 03:13

You sound pretty 'clued-in' about your research.

Might sound daft (& it's just a suggestion), but wouldn't it be worth contacting the folks who run the part-time museum at Wickenby ?

There's an outside chance you MAY find something relevant... (bearing in mind it was No.12 Sqdn's home-base......... Lancaster's bearing the 'PH' fuselage codes circa '43)

My Dad was based at Wickenby & I have a few pix & doc's, but they're ALL immediate post-war (1949 - 1951).

I Still wanna go there one-day (with the ol' timer) & check out the museum

03-02-2009, 08:59
I have been to Wickenby several times and was fortunate enough to go with my father when he was alive to visit the memorial for the 1008 guys who died whilst serving with 12 & 626 squadrons.
The Control Tower museum is well worth a visit as is their web site
www.rafwmm.flyer.co.uk (http://www.rafwmm.flyer.co.uk)
Anybody with an interest in old airfields can see what a great job the volunteers at Wickenby have done and continue to do.