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30-03-2009, 20:09
The Geonames site search facility returns several pages of "abandoned airfields" worldwide with live lat/long links that open a GE image ....

The search for airfields or airports yields hundreds.

here is the link
http://www.geonames.org/search.html?q=a ... d&country= (http://www.geonames.org/search.html?q=abandoned+airfield&country=)

A few notes of caution ....

1:Not all "abandoned" airfields are actually abandoned/disused .
2:Some of the lat/long refences lead to locations that do not have any even remote resemblence to an airfield past or present.

3:The website links direct to GE are just a bout the slowest I have ever come across - do not expect to zip through any browsing here - in fact it is easier to open GE directly and navigate to the Lat/Long location that way.

(easy when you have twin monitors) :lol:

If you already know of this then my apologies.