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Peter Kirk
07-05-2008, 20:24
Now this is something I get very excited about - don't know why I just do!
I have spent many happy hours searching the web for historic aerial photos of the UK.
A number have now gone or no longer showing older stock but below are some that I have found useful. I have checked them as I have posted them so they worked on the post date.
Please add to the list if you find any more.

http://map.dcda.org.uk/dcda/display.php (Dorset Coastline 1946 and 1970's)

http://www.cyberheritage.org/1946_plymo ... _files.zip (http://www.cyberheritage.org/1946_plymouth_aerials_ecw_files.zip) (Plymouth area 1946 - incl RAF Bolthead but in ECW format)

http://www.geog.sussex.ac.uk/grc/info/a ... -historic/ (http://www.geog.sussex.ac.uk/grc/info/airphotos-historic/) (Sussex 1946 but limited coverage)

http://mario.lancashire.gov.uk/ (Lancashire 1946 and 1960's)

http://www.noah.norfolk.gov.uk/default.aspx (Norfolk 1946 and 1988 - Individual frames only)

http://maps.cheshire.gov.uk/tithemaps/TwinMaps.aspx (Cheshire 1970)

http://www.historic-maps.norfolk.gov.uk ... plorer.asp (http://www.historic-maps.norfolk.gov.uk/Emap/EmapExplorer.asp) (Norfolk 1946 and 1988 seamless and large)

For modern aerial photos the usual suspect of Google Earth and Flash Earth are the best but 192.com doesn't include some more recent stuff from Getmapping.

Coverage of Northern Ireland is sparse but Flash Earth http://www.flashearth.com/
Does have limited coverage using Google or Yahoo and includes Aldergrove, Nutts Corner, Sydenham, Long Kesh, Langford Lodge, Newtonards and Mullaghmore.

Of the ones that have gone http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/ was the most important along with http://www.shockymap.com/timemachine/index.htm.
The former is still active but no longer has any 1940's stuff. If anyone knows what happened I would be interested to know.

Peter Kirk
27-08-2008, 16:40
Has anyone made use of http://www.historicaerials.com/?

I had a look at what is available for some airfields and in some cases there is something for each decade from the 1940's to the '00's.
The only problem is that each frame is around 75 to 171, too expensive to even consider and to get total coverage would be around 4 frames!
Has anyone bought any 1940's 1950's aerial photos and if so where from and was the price reasonable?

I did get 5 aerial photo's of the area around my house in photocopy form from English Heritage for 15 cover 1947 - 1990 but that service seems to have stopped.


Peter Kirk
10-05-2009, 03:10
Just noticed that Getmapping has Historic Aerial Photos listed as available on their site. Can't figure out how to view them though, unless they expect you to buy in the hope that it shows the airfield you are after?

Peter Kirk
17-05-2009, 20:07

The Getmapping site now has viewable Historic Aerials as another date tab on their viewer.

It covers a large chunk of southern England including some of the west midlands, Norfolk, Lancashire, Durham and of particular note the area between Dundee and Montrose. This area of Scotland is new to the internet as far as I know and includes the following airfields: Arbroath, Tealing, Stracathro, Kinnell, East Haven, Montrose and Edzell.

The dates are quoted as 1940-47 but in Edzells case it could be a bit later as there is a huge circle in the middle of the airfield which I thought was a much later addition. There is some stiching of different periods and this could explain why part of the airfield is crisp whilst the landing aera is fuzzy.

Peter Kirk
15-08-2009, 15:32
Found this on taking aerial photos from Tomorrows World in 1970. Mention is made of scanning and computerising. You forget that computers were around then.


Chris Lowe
26-10-2009, 23:46
You can request aerial photo's from Ordnance Survey under the freedom of Information Act, & you need to put Freedom of Information in your email title so that it gets past the spam filters.

Applications under the FOIA 2000

Under the FOIA anyone is entitled to request information not otherwise publicly available. (Please note that if you are requesting details relating to yourself or any other living person, the request will be processed under the Data Protection Act
Three of the main features of the FOIA are:

A general right of access to information held by Ordnance Survey, subject to certain conditions and exemptions, in that we must state whether or not we hold the information requested, and communicate that information to the applicant.
Some information may be withheld as it might be exempted from disclosure. Except where an absolute exemption applies, Ordnance Survey must inform the applicant why the information is not being released, otherwise known as the Public Interest test, where we must show that maintaining the exemption in question outweighs the public interest in disclosing the information. Ordnance Survey is obliged to respond within 20 working days of receipt of a request.

How do I make a request?

Applications should be in writing and may be submitted by letter or email. So that we can respond fully, they should include your name and correspondence address (email address where applicable). You should also provide as much detail as possible to enable Ordnance Survey to identify the information sought. If information is required in a particular way, for example, a photocopy or on computer disk, this should also be stated in the application. If you have difficulty in identifying the precise information you require, or difficulty in making the application in writing, please contact our staff, who will be pleased to help you. Telephone 08456 05 05 05 or use the email address below.
Requests for information under the FOIA should be addressed to:
Customer Service Centre
Ordnance Survey
Romsey Road
SO16 4GU
Or email customerservices@ordnancesurvey.co.uk

Chris Lowe
09-12-2009, 13:28
I've just had a response back from The National Monument Record Office which is part of English Heritage, I enquired about aerial photo's of RAF Desborough & They have 6 obliques & 67 vertical photo's ranging from 1941 to 1993 so it would seem to be the ideal place to find pictures of your favourite airfield as they don't just hold aerial photo's.

Peter Kirk
09-12-2009, 22:10
We have covered EH aerials on another thread but as it has taken an hour to view 5 threads I won't search for it.

I would say EH is the best place to go. They don't seem to charge for low quality photo copies of frames but I have used both the Laser and Photo quality Prints and both are corrected for you. The laser is cheaper but the quality is very good. The photo prints rate as excellent (depending on original of course). Check the frame coverage though because the radius of search can include open fields on some frames. If in doubt get a photocopy before you order prints.

09-12-2009, 22:41
Out of curiosity, how many here use Memory Map Navigator? I've been converting a lot of my aerial imagery collection for use in it and it's working quite well. Only downside is that a big bomber airfield map can come to about 26Mb!

Chris Lowe
09-12-2009, 22:50
I'm making an appointment with the NMR public viewing room in Swindon so that I can select which pictures that I want from those found.

Is memory map worth having?

10-12-2009, 00:45
interestingly enough, there is a bite taken out of the 1940's image on dcda where the radar research station at swanage was!

Peter Kirk
10-12-2009, 09:56
interestingly enough, there is a bite taken out of the 1940's image on dcda where the radar research station at swanage was!

Alot of the 1940's coverage is annoying loike that.

Re Memory Map. I have heard of it but don't know what the benfits are.
The big files I have are ECW and can be read with a browser addin or via Photoshop or equivalent with addin.
Perhaps a quick overview OEB?

12-12-2009, 19:31
Memory Map (or Anquet) are usefull tools for mapping but I've not used them much for aerial photo views since far better quality views are available online.
I have the current OSGB 1K50 and 1K25 mapping on all my PCs and phones and might add some of the historical maps when I have spare cash.

Why I use Memory Map....
OSGB maps wherever I am,
overlays of interesting things (fuel depots, airfields, green lanes, cathedrals etc) so if I have spare time I can quickly check to see if any of those are near enough for a detour. Overlay files can have embedded info, weblinks etc)
Dual view of aerial photo and map

Things like google earth have overtaken some aspects now but I'm used to using Memory Map so am likely to continue!

13-12-2009, 18:57
The aerial photos that come with Memory map tend to be really low-res ones from about 2000 and really aren't that detailed. You're better off with Google Earth or Flash Earth for that.

The aerial photos I have are from the 1944-49 photo recce ops and their very high res - more than what you get on Getmapping or UK Aerial photos.

As tigger says, what its useful for is having multiple maps on hand that you can swap between, especially if you export them to a PDA. I have a lot of my site plans, 25:000 and 10:000 maps and aerial photos imported to mine and combined with the GPS function it makes finding stuff and tracking where I've been a doddle. The number of times I've found overgrown

Another useful aspect is the inbuilt mapping coordinate conversion (Lat/Long to National Grid/Landranger), the ability to track your route and measure out specific areas. Handy for finding scatter fields where you only know the general location and how many acres of land the RAF procured.

All in all it's designed as a route planning/tracking tool but it has a lot of other uses as well.

Peter Kirk
13-12-2009, 20:49
Thanks for the info guys. I have a low res set of the 1999/2000 Engalnd and Wales aerials (ECW format) but they became redundant almost as soon as I put the DVD in the tray thanks to various online resources. Worth keeping just in case though.

I was thinking of looking into a PC based solution as my current online solution can work out quite expensive and I tend to limit my spend accordingly.

14-12-2009, 01:18
There seem to be a few copies of Memory Map on eBay and such but I'm not sure how "legit" they are.

There are two popular editions - the OS and Pro versions which have some subtle differences.

The Pro version has more tools and such in it and works with a variety of maps from various sources including the CAA and OS to name a few.

The OS edition is targeted more towards the OS specific maps and has somewhat more updates than the other version as its targeted more at home users and those that venture into the great outdoors. Be aware though that as they update the OS edition they disabled support for older issues of the OS maps which effectively forces you to upgrade to newer map packages to use it.

23-12-2009, 12:42
.......Be aware though that as they update the OS edition they disabled support for older issues of the OS maps which effectively forces you to upgrade to newer map packages to use it.

Older maps work with the new software...newer maps don't work with the older software (the limitation is to do with OSGB licensing but it's easy to get around this if need be)

17-02-2010, 18:37
The Getmapping site now has viewable Historic Aerials as another date tab on their viewer.

Ok i have just used this Getmapping for the first and unsurprisingly I wanted to check out RAF Aston Down. The main reason was to see if if they had aerial images after 1946, as that is the latest aerial photograph i have. I know there are actually more and the OS took some, but they don't exisit as prints in the NMR archive. I'm thinking due to security issues? There was a rotodyne test facility there in the 1950's. Anyway Getmapping didn't BUT they did have 1940-1947, and there is no airfield!! The dispersed Robin Hangars are there, the D/F tower is there as is some outlying airfield buildings. Its like they have altered the photograph to show just fields!!!! If it was pre-1946 images then at least the First World War airfield would show up.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Paul Francis
17-02-2010, 18:41
Its like they have altered the photograph to show just fields!!!! If it was pre1946 images then at least the First World War airfield would show up.

Manda this is not unusual and is in fact quite common, have a look at the Hucclecote / Brockworth thread for example

17-02-2010, 19:02
Brilliant thanks, just read the thread....so it wasn't me going mad after all then

Paul Francis
17-02-2010, 19:16
so it wasn't me going mad after all then

Not on this ocassion!

13-05-2010, 16:38

US DoD site containing still, motion and multimedia imagery

The majority of the pictures on here appear to be in the public domain. Just a sample of what you can find pictures of ;

Airfield lighting
Control towers (Wittering from the 80's would seem to be a rarity)

Normal file upload provides huge files 2 to 3 Mb, but you can request smaller versions.

14-05-2010, 10:31
Thanks for that kebecker; another useful link.

Peter Kirk
28-06-2010, 18:18
Canmore have come up trumps again. They have just added the 1988 survey of Scotland here


Best of all you can download GE KML file for each area to get the locations. For a few pounds you can view images at slightly better magnification and some allow sectional zoom.
Hats of to the people who run the Canmore sites, this has got to be one of the best, if not the best overall historical reference sites.

29-06-2010, 07:26
Yes, CANMORE is leading the way in UK; let's hope the TNA will come up with such access. Ha! Ha! With the recent budget announcements I expect things to get worse not better.

Peter Kirk
29-06-2010, 12:53
I fear for all the research services as the 25% cuts start to happen!

P Bellamy
06-08-2010, 20:17
I notice the Landmap streaming viewer site appears to have vanished.


Peter Kirk
07-08-2010, 09:20
Quite! I think it has been "developed" and is only available to Universities etc. They did post a note about a new version coming out this year. Still I suspect I got my monies worth.

02-09-2010, 17:20
Looks like MOD are getting into the film biz, various locations including Barkston Heath, Cranwell, Wyton, Cosford and many many more available for film locations


02-09-2010, 17:48
MOD has been busy, some interesting images on this site


03-09-2010, 11:33
Frankly, I found it depressing, just people getting ready to kill other people at the taxpayers expense. But hey! Go ahead, I don't pay UK tax!!:)

03-09-2010, 13:26
I dont either......anymore, still think they have a bit of front sticking Crown copyright all over everthing!

Peter Kirk
05-09-2010, 17:39
Another Canmore update (I think it's new anyway).


There now appears to be a load of new 1940s stuff added and the coverage of airfields is excellent. The years range from 1941 to 1943 and cover both vertical and oblique. Leuchars, Kinloss and Lossiemouth have excellent coverage over the three years and there is even Abbotsinch in its grass days. There is plenty more to view and I would urge you to pay for a subscription to be able to zoom in on each frame. Sadly I haven't found much on Bombing Ranges except for the Braid Fell Factory Target from 1941 which looks like it was in the process of construction.
It is obviously worth keeping an eye on the site as this is the second huge update this year.

One I picked out for posting was this (via link)


It appeqars to show a "new" airfield. The view is taken looking towards Tentsmuir Forest looking north east. It can't be Leuchars so it must be a dummy site and it certainly looks that way when you zoom in.

Paul Francis
05-09-2010, 18:20
let's hope the TNA will come up with such access. Ha! Ha! With the recent budget announcements I expect things to get worse not better.

The down turn has already started with the introduction of 5 parking fee that is 5 up from 0

07-09-2010, 08:44
Thanks for the update PNK; my e-mail reminder from CANMORE is broken.

The airfield in you link is the Q/K Decoy site at Cragie just north of Leuchars.

CANMORE very usefully link the available aerial imagery to Google Earth so that you can see practically the coverage and pick the Frames of interest; saves a lot of shuffling through.

Chris Lowe
07-09-2010, 12:17
Parking at the NMR is still free.

Peter Kirk
07-09-2010, 12:24
Parking at the NMR is still free.

So far.........

Following on from Petertheeater's Google Earth reference, you can also view reults of searches via KML files for example,
Location, Sortie number, Year etc.

Paul Francis
07-09-2010, 17:48
Parking at the NMR is still free.

Well believe it or not, parking at the TNA is free until the 14th, then f-word 5!!

Chris Lowe
07-09-2010, 23:02
Not sure how long the NMR will have the free car park with all the housing developement going on around it.

Richard Drew
20-09-2010, 21:26
http://www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk/FotoWeb/FWbin/preview.dll/45150236.jpg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ob Ainsworth what ever happened to him????????????

Richard Drew
20-09-2010, 21:28
http://www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk/FotoWeb/FWbin/preview.dll/45150059.jpg?D=C4553B587BC300F59EE971D36E7C3CAE39B B9D53B810E44BACD3AD9D2680F009AF4FEB357E7D8E784C18B 20986DBECFE3D7A348495ABE9DC13A320E5F60AB986F12FCBE C27BADD8A478DB34E8EA0884ABAB5E88A2DE82C3078F5978FD 0FD8EF90DFF1433230576A90017CB3FB0BAC1562774D4C46D2 0CB8E53E4D7F8C4F5D616E1EC7C8D08138A37AF164B2F37A90 564B3ED439B276E3CFC4CD8626D2FC62F6A3C0FB523FB3EF15 C48CB963E3DD2B3657A2874048E3D2A03A93D36E357B742863 6BA0B704E4A2CF6E60103225FF710C79883A6499442F4AC158 C2B835B8D5313275614E39574C63EDD474E492C9C13D8C63DB CCCA2CC94BA415F91332DE56581C86DF16DB0F800F8CE97346 2F6A1BD29E944B3B2D186C176 Removing the one engine they have to put into another plane.

Richard Drew
20-09-2010, 21:32
http://www.defenceimagedatabase.mod.uk/FotoWeb/FWbin/preview.dll/45149896.jpg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

The Right Honourable John Hutton MP Secretary of State for Defence is pictured during a visit to the Crownhill Community Centre in Plymouth, Devon to meet families of deployed servicemen and women.

I bet they were pleased

I will stop now!

21-09-2010, 08:45
Removing the one engine they have to put into another plane.

also using the new economy tent hangar

29-10-2010, 11:02
Just to update the situation in Wales.
There are two bodies here that hold the aerial photo archives, and this is what has caused some confusion for me.

The Welsh Assembly Government have a library containing these in Cardiff, they include the well known RAF, Luftwaffe, and OS verticals amongst others, and hold negatives, prints and scans.
They can be contacted on 02920 823819

The other archive is with the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales, which is based in Aberystwyth. A tiny proportion of their archive can be found online here, http://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/search/...&submit=Search (http://www.coflein.gov.uk/en/search/...&submit=Search)
RCAHMW can be contacted on 01970 621200 and ask for the aerial photographic archive.
It seems that much of their collection is probably the same as Cardiffs, however there is some extra material aswel.

Both can be contacted to obtain lists and to arrange a visit to the libraries were copies of the archives can be made for a fee.
I plan to visit both soon, mainly to try and find out exactly what is out there as there is confusion with the names and listing of some archives, example Llandow is listed under Llantwit Major, so won't be found under its own name.
I will report back after the visits but both archives were very helpful on the phone.

03-11-2010, 19:41
I'm working with the author of the Advanced Landing Ground series in Airfield Review to draw some airfield plans for forthcoming issues. The author has provided plans and a few aerial photos to help. I've also got the usual sources such as the Ken Delve series and UK Airfields of the Ninth Then & Now. However I was wondering if any of you have any different aerial or oblique photos of the following ALGs?


Any help would be gratefully accepted and acknowledged in the articles.

Please send me a PM if you can help.


Richard Flagg
03-11-2010, 23:37
Does this one help of Funtington;

I was sent this by someone (I forget who) and the original source is unknown. The copy I have is not great and this is about as good as it gets enhancing it.

Hope its of use

Richard Flagg
03-11-2010, 23:39
Just an additional thought, do they appear in the google earth roll back feature?

04-11-2010, 14:29
Thanks Richard - I'll check on the GE lead.


Peter Kirk
20-08-2011, 19:09
Yet another update from RCAHMS and an interesting one too. This is the USN aerial photo coverage of part of the Scottish coast and even parts of Cumbria from 1963. Mainly obliques but some interesting stuff there.
An example is here which you might recognise.

Of particular interest to us range researchers is the apparantly intact sea target at Dornoch. Dornoch was the original range in the area for use by Novar (Evanton). Expansion across the Dornoch Firth created Tain (Still called Dornoch at the time) but ultimately became better known as Tain Ranges and included the original Dornoch. I think there may also be a quadrant tower visible in the area.

Just found some frames covering the border areas of Northumberland - no much there as far as I know.

21-08-2011, 06:40
Having browsed some of the recently added 'M' series aerials taken during photo-recce practice flights prior to searching for the Bismark, I'm surprised that the pilot missed most of the areas in which I am interested!

21-08-2011, 09:09
Also CANMORE has a Lottery grant to help finance the digitisation (what a clumsy word!) of the former Aerofilm collection which means, in due course, thousands of images will be available on-line:


20-10-2011, 22:16
Just thought I'd add that www.ukaerialphotos.com does have 1940's RAF and Luftwaffe aerial photography. It's got national coverage too.

Paul Francis
20-10-2011, 22:48
Yes but, no but, they are very expensive to buy!

21-10-2011, 05:56
Yes expensive! The RAF photo recce sorties were funded by the British taxpayer and, as a national heritage item, should be digitised and made available on-line as per the Scottish CANMORE site. And, presumably, the Luftwaffe film was captured by the Allies post VE Day yet is only available through commercial sources. Something wrong here!

21-10-2011, 10:28
Interesting read, I have been searching for aerial photos of the village airfield to no avail for many years... most 'providers' stop 200 meters short of field I need!

I have noticed that most the commercial sellers (eg: UKaerialphoto) are selling the very same photos at a high price as what you view on Virtual Earth for nothing?

Peter Kirk
21-10-2011, 22:16
Thanks tsamue. A number of us have used that site but it is still worth mentioning. I did actually buy a photo from the site only for it to appear a few months later on Google earth for free and slighlty better quality! I assume the high cost of old photos is due to the work carried out to make it viewable as seamless. The coverage doesn't seem to extend as far as their coverage map, which is confusing. One area I was interested in was Dengie Flats, it is covered but by some form of mottled unreadable aerial photos. I haven't checked recently but so I assume my comment still hold.
If you know sortie and frame numbers for your area of interest you can order Laser copies from English Heritage for a lot less and they are very acceptable for most uses. The key problem is getting the photo details.

Expensive is the main problem. Most of us would like many photos of many sites and this requires a lottery win. I have around 50 aerial photos from NMR (English Heritage) and although a lot cheaper is still a couple of hundred pounds worth!

The cost of the Luftwaffe ones via private companies is beyond belief (not the http://www.ukaerialphotos.com/ ones in this case)

Canmore is a great example of what should be done and at 10 for a high resolution download is about right. The extra 15 to enable publishing is a bit steep for more than one photo though.

It's a great shame NARA/Fold3.com don't publish the Luftwaffe photos.

Peter Kirk
06-02-2012, 14:53
More updates and some look very interesting. This is from the "M" series, some of which have already been released. It is best to view the locations on Google Earth via their search related link and download.

Lossiemouth - 1941 (before runways)
Kinloss - 1941 (before runways)
Nutts Corner 1945 - Why???
Port Ellen

And probably a lot more. Not good for ranges as the few that appear I had already purchased in digital form. It did have a shot of the QS at Innes Links and was of the type found at Dee (Burton) Marsh and Fenns Moss.

Don't forget you have to subscribe to get larger versions via a zoom function.

Peter Kirk
06-02-2012, 18:25
Just a thought but would it be worth posting the frame references for aerial photos of airfields, depots, ranges etc that members have either bought or found online references for? Ordering copies from NMR at Swindon is far easier and can cover multiple locations in a single order without the need for a search first. Also members can vouch for the quality of ones they have seen or bought.
As it is NMR it covers England only so before I post anything (in the audits??) I wanted to see if it was thought to be a worthwhile exercise.

Paul Francis
06-02-2012, 18:29
Yep! Go Ahead

04-03-2012, 10:08
The Imperial War Museum has a couple of albums of aerial photographs of most of the NI airfields but, as yet, have not got them digitised for on-line viewing. Here's the link. It's worth keeping an eye on it for future developments:


Peter Kirk
04-03-2012, 12:38

It's a shame all the stuff I really want to look at is not visible yet - they are teasing us! Hopefully next Christmas all my presents will be in the vertical form :)

Hardly anything on bombing ranges though :(

05-03-2012, 14:18
Using specific 'keyword' searches often does not produce what you are looking for. Most 'finds' are whilst looking for something else! But, what's on-line so far beats the card filing system that they had in the IWM Photo Archive and that you had to go through to locate an album on the shelf! Cheaper too, in fact free for personal consumption and not commercial sharing such as AiX.

25-06-2012, 11:46
The English Heritage link for the collection is


Peter Kirk
26-08-2012, 09:59
More updates from RCAHMS, this time 1946 aerials covering parts of Nairnshire and Morayshire.

http://aerial.rcahms.gov.uk/news/news120816.php?PHPSESSID=eot36r2vh0fa0n8u73su7murp 3

Airfields covered are Kinloss, Lossiemouth (both already covered) parts of Milltown, most of Elgin, most of Forres, Dalcross and Leanach (no features that are obvious on this SLG).

Luckily some ranges are also covered. The arrow for Clunas is now visible at last but sadly the target is 200 metres off the edge of the nearest frame. Also Burghead arrow is visible, thus resolving an outstanding query buy again the target is 200 meters off the nearest frame. The mysterious and probably mythical Honeychurch range must be in their somewhere as it was used by Kinloss (19 OTU) but I have no idea of it's location as the wartime grid reference is incorrect.

19-12-2012, 22:57
The RCAHMS have released some more aerial images online. The ones of Scotland are OS plates which are already available on the NLS and Google Maps though with higher resoltution (to subscribers).

Possibly of more interest here are some NATO images from Belgium, Germany and Sardinia. I haven’t checked all these but they have NATO airfields so might show some of the structures around them


“The imagery includes cover of several airfields in Germany, including two photographed from low-level during a major NATO exercise in 1955. Also featured are a series of photomaps produced in the late 1940s which cover areas of Scotland.”

“The imagery covers large parts of Sardinia, including the capital, Cagliari, and the wealthy coastal resort of Porto Cervo, as well as the Italian Air Force base at Decimomannu, now a NATO air combat training centre.”