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airfields man
27-04-2009, 10:08
Sortie Not Completed, Our Search For a Lost Bomber Crew. By A+R Armstrong. This is a well researched and interesting 72 page book about a lost aircrew from WW 2. It all started off with a letter they had to their late mother about a young man called Ross who was killed in an aircraft during the second world war. The aircraft was a Lancaster of 207 squadron from Spilsby. The night in question being the 24/25 July 1944. They've managed to piece together the whole crew, how they lived where they lived the sacrifices they made and how they died. A sad story of normal everyday people during a world war, one of thousands that could quite so easily have been forgotten. Their full name and address can be found on the last page.This being for anyone that can add to this story. I wrote to them to add my comments on their achievements. At 3.99p It's worth every penny. First published in 2003.

airfields man
27-04-2009, 10:17
A copy of their photograph of the Signal and Operations Block. My comparison photograph. Also one of the Briefing Room Floor. All taken in 2004.