View Full Version : Halifax Mk V (DK123) Memorial, France

airfields man
13-05-2009, 22:17
Sorry no close-up of this memorial sent to me from France in 2006. From what I can read on the reverse is : DK-123 'Z', 295 Sqdn. Crashed somewhere South of Saumur. Sadly the crew of Eight were all killed. I've read of many crashes that have had an eighth crew member. Like the one at North Thoresby, Lincs. If I won the lottery there would be memorials everywhere, be like an obstacle course trying to get anywhere !! Anyone know where 295 Sqn were from.?

14-05-2009, 09:44
airfieldsman - 295 Sqn were formed at Netheravon 3rd August 1942. They only operated one mark of Halifax, the Halifax V, from Feb 1943 to Nov 1943. They were superceded by Albermarle Is and IIs, still at Netheravon. The Squadron was formed from an echelon of 296 Sqn and part of 38 Grp. Most of the tasks undertaken were parachute troop and supply dropping and as glider tugs.

Hope this helps.


airfields man
14-05-2009, 10:33
Many thanks for that information chris, looking at this memorial with a magnifying glass I can see 1943 on there,also it was a mixed crew as Anglais, Canadiens and Neo Zelandais is also visible. Normally I get a translation with these photographs, no-doubt find it by christmas?