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Paul Francis
15-05-2008, 18:42
Bitburg AFB Control Tower, Germany




An't she beautiful!!

Richard Flagg
22-05-2008, 23:32
thats a nice looking tower, any other photos from Bitburg?

It looks like tha airfield is disused, what is the future for the place?

03-06-2008, 09:56
Visited Bitburg many times during my time in Germany (98-01) And loved the place. Believe it was last used for A10's, but may be wrong.

During my time the domestic site was still used but the airfield had gone the same way as many in the UK (industrial units and go-kart tracks etc).

I just wish i'd had the same level of interest back then as i do now as I missed the chance to explore many Occupation/NATO ex-airfields, including Wildenrath and laterly Laarbruch.

I have some pictures of Bruggen in its last few months as an RAF Station here http://lincolnshireairfields.fotopic.net/

Paul Francis
20-01-2009, 23:39
More pictures:





21-01-2009, 12:03
As soon as you hear that an airfield is closing, make necessary arrangements to photograph all buildings inside/outside... that's what I did for an airfield taht will completely disapear within the next 5 to 10 years... the earlier your start, the more chance you have to get an excellent picture overview for the next generations !

Richard Flagg
21-01-2009, 12:22
Which airfield is that Olympusman? You should post some photos on the forum for us all to see.

21-01-2009, 13:49
I still waiting for permission... but as soon something avbl, will post it !

04-02-2009, 00:21
Last used by F-15's of the 36th TFW, unless of course the 52nd FW Hogs nipped in there during the 90's when the runway was being seen to at Spang.

30-03-2009, 22:04
I last flew into Bitburg in 1956 to rescue a u/s Anson. It had a brake problem and the rigger that came along had to change a wheel and an air bag. Imagine the American USAF trying to fix an old Anson. They had been trying to fix the hydraulics and seeing the air bag brake system they were amazed. We then were invited to the mess and us lads were so excited to see the standard of fayre. "Gee steak again" ( words actually interjected by a 4 letter adjective) one guy said. We all took steak as we had never seen that in an RAF mess. And Coke too that was a treat then. Returning to our trusty Anson we arrived back on board to return to Wildenrath we were confronted with the crew of the other anson and passengers all carrying cricket bags full of hooch they had all hoped to land with in UK but the other u/s Anson had let them down. Now the problem was how to get off with this load. The take off seemed to go on forever and the poor old kite couldnt lift off for what seemed ages and when we did get off I shall never forget a line of trees that seemed to be holding out their branches to catch us. Most likely miles below but the imagination plays tricks doesent it? Coming in at Wildenrath was a bit of a bump but boy were we glad to make it back Colin

23-04-2009, 19:40
I went to Bitburg when on Det to another A10 base just up the road. The Families side is still in use for housing families from Spangdhalem (spelling?), there is a rather large BX there too. The Officers Mess is now a night club, and you can rent rooms for the night, should you meet one of the locals.........

Paul Francis
01-10-2010, 17:29
A few USAF signage:




02-10-2010, 08:11
*Tongue in cheek alert*

I couldnt help noticing the exclamation mark after the name BitBurg.
Were the navigators actually surprised to find the airfield where it was placed on the maps?