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tamiya monkey
13-06-2009, 18:25
can anyone shed some light on what this complex is, i wounder every time i go past.

Richard Flagg
08-05-2011, 01:41
There is a photo on geograph here;

No idea what it is or what it was know as though. There are a couple of disused buildings that could be associated with it on the roundabout near the mobile phone mast, 1/2 mile east of the bunker.

Peter Kirk
08-05-2011, 11:20
I don't know about the radar site but on the sands there is/was what was believed to be a Ruck pillbox that has been relieved of its original position by the sea/sands. I don't think it is a Ruck as the sides don't appear to have the appertures in the sides. The Ruck is a Stanton like pillbox but this one has a very large opeing at the front which makes me think it was a Quadrant Shelter or Markers Shelter for a small range on the sands. I have found a couple of references to Reighton being used as a range but nothing concrete.


Richard Flagg
12-05-2011, 23:57
After a bit more googling, I have come up with RAF Bempton, could this be right?

David Thompson
13-05-2011, 00:38
The Scarborough station was Irton Moor Wireless Station but is now GCHQ Scarborough and somewhat laughingly Google's Streetview goes right past it ! The Reighton Sands site could have a connection to Scarborough but perhaps more likely to Staxton Wold ?
There is a Scarborough - Bempton connection in that , allegedly M'lud , GCHQ carried out some experimental work at Bempton , an old ROTOR station which used the concrete pillars that still stand there in an arrow shape facing the coast . Apparently they supported some sort of aerial array ?

Richard Flagg
13-05-2011, 01:25
Thanks David.

The buildings I am curious about are located here;

A few photos taken on 4 May 2011





Any ideas what they are?

30-09-2012, 22:18
At a guess, with a VHF Discone, a UHF Discone, HF and a Parabolic in the general direction of Staxton, a remote TX/RX site?

30-09-2012, 22:40
At a guess.....

Welcome to the bulletin board Graham

01-10-2012, 10:51
Just spotted this thread.

Antenna structures look similar to these.


Taken from street view, this is, I believe Neatisheads remote radio site.

When I drove past this site some years ago there were some rock crushing UHF Link 11 signals coming from it !

01-10-2012, 17:27
I agree. The ERP from a radar generally will not do much for the sensitivity of a radio receiver, hence the standard practice of locating the coms site remotely. Partrington etc, was similar.

I don't recall the location of the Bempton remote site however. Maybe someone could remind me?

Whilst on this topic, perhaps I should raise the subject of RAF Oxenhope ;-)


09-04-2013, 16:05
speeton is associated with fylingdales if i remember rightly

03-03-2014, 21:47
This makes interesting reading and may relate to Richard Flaggs buildings in connection with the 391st Battery RA mentioned in the text. A magazine perhaps?

04-03-2014, 22:53
Don't forget Mr Butlins former establishment at Filey was right next door to Reighton and was a large Army camp during the war, so these may be related to that perhaps?