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15-06-2009, 19:41
Taken 2009


Chris Lowe
05-09-2009, 08:07
[/URL][URL="http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/?action=view&current=CRL-Atcham-0909-004.jpg"]http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/th_CRL-Atcham-0909-004.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/?action=view&current=CRL-Atcham-0909-004.jpg)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/th_CRL-Atcham-0909-001.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/?action=view&current=CRL-Atcham-0909-001.jpg)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/th_CRL-Atcham-0909-002.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/?action=view&current=CRL-Atcham-0909-002.jpg)

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/th_CRL-Atcham-0909-003.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v392/Buccaneer66/Airfields/RAF%20Atcham/?action=view&current=CRL-Atcham-0909-003.jpg)

Richard Flagg
05-09-2009, 11:19
Nice find Buccaneer, where abouts is it at Atcham?

Chris Lowe
05-09-2009, 12:55
The building is about here http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.694361&lon=-2.628819&z=18.5&r=0&src=msl it's marked No 61 on the plan that you sent me & there is also another building about here http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.694361&lon=-2.628819&z=18.5&r=0&src=msl it could be the remains of No 52 the flight offices a small ruined entrance is right next to the road but barbed wire & undergrowth defeated me.

Dave Smith
17-09-2009, 12:07
There are the remains of an SAA store (I think) in the wood in the foreground of the nice aerial shot. On the edge of the wood, facing towards the dual carriageway, is a very overgrown pillbox. As I remember, it is not marked on the airfield plan.

Paul Francis
22-10-2009, 10:11
Atcham Watch Office with Met Section. Date and photographer unknown


13-02-2010, 18:30
This airfield is just 3 miles from me,i had a look around last week,not much left though ,but found these on the net,
from 1944/1945






Chris Lowe
13-02-2010, 20:27

there should be a battle HQ here http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.682801&lon=-2.621549&z=17.2&r=0&src=msa and a seagull trench here http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.68789&lon=-2.626508&z=17.2&r=0&src=msa I didn't have time to search for them when I visited as most of my time was at Wroxeter.

This is the seagull trench http://www.pillbox-study-group.org.uk/seagulltrenchpage.htm

13-02-2010, 20:40
Here you are Chris,some images of the said Seagull Trench,
hope you tried the Wroxeter wine (bloody romans) good stuff though!






Paul Francis
13-02-2010, 20:58
Excellent pictures!

14-02-2010, 08:15
Presumably the guy on the bike is propped up in an 'e-pen'?

Re pic 3 of the Seagull Trench, was that 'salient' jutting out there to allow defenders to draw a bead on flanking attackers?

I looked at PSG but it's not certain:


14-02-2010, 13:50
Presumably the guy on the bike is propped up in an 'e-pen'?
Yes, I think so too. If you were a real anorak you could work out which one. I had a brief look at the site plan and got a bit confused.

The picture above of the tower complex is from the west.


Chris Lowe
14-02-2010, 14:49
From the angle of the hangar and tower it looks like it's somewhere near M&E plinth 104 & the Machine gun post.

14-02-2010, 17:50
From the angle of the hangar and tower it looks like it's somewhere near M&E plinth 104 & the Machine gun post.

Yes - in which case the cyclist is at the aircraft pen adjacent to M&E 105. Note these pens are the twin-engined 'B' types, not the single-engined 'A' types (which were the shape of a letter 'E') Confusing or what :confused:

Just noticed that most of the dispersed sites are now woodland (Anything inside?), and the station also had an emergency ops block site, 'HQ 9 Group, AIR III' unfortunately nothing remains.


28-02-2010, 23:17
sorry about the quality,having been scanned


Major Millers office


Student reading room


MT Section


20-01-2011, 11:03
First post so be gentle with me please.
Went to have a look at the E-Pens at Atcham.
The undergrowth has died back making access possible.
There are the remains of three pens.
S/W pen demolished with only shelter remaining.
Middle pen with embankments partly removed shelter good.
N/W pen complete retaining earth banks.

The partial demolition shows construction quite well

Entrances from pens into shelters
Entrances from inside shelter L/H into pen R/H back of pen
Construction of shelter roof from pre-form concrete ribs.

20-01-2011, 11:14
Three pillboxes all of the same design in woodland East of airfield.
All brick built with three firing ports.
Low door to rear for access.
Also in woods are small huts (Crew huts?)
Typical portal
Entrance "hands & knees"
M/G mount
The best of these are totally complete & still with wooden knob on elevation handle.

Were the mounts for "Lewiss" guns?

Chris Lowe
20-01-2011, 21:59
Nice one Colin when I visited I couldn't get into the E pens as he undergrowth was so thick but did take pictures of the sleeping shelter.

21-01-2011, 08:33
Colin, are the three PBs those located around Raveshaws Gorse Wood?

The MG mounts are Turnbull mounts which were configured to take a variety of MGs whatever was available and may have included Lewis guns.

There are supposed to be three Small Arms Ammunition Stores (SAA Stores) in the wood. Can you confirm that?

21-01-2011, 14:34
There were more buildings in the woods
Door at one end with "window at the other.
Ventilators in end walls & evidence of electric lighting.

Lots of "remains" in the wood
Wire picket spikes and old beer bottles.
Behind one of the pillboxes is a small electric stove of possible WW2 style.
I cannot belive any Shropshire civilian would have had an electric stove so my be relic.

Good place for a solo walk at the moment :idea:

Full size pics avaliable if required

Chris Lowe
21-01-2011, 17:08
Did you find the seagull trench Colin?

21-01-2011, 18:20
I know where it is but that's for another day along with the Battle HQ.

Chris Lowe
21-01-2011, 22:29
Yes I'd like to get to that as well I run out of time when I went exploring as I'd been to Wroxeter before the airfield.

22-01-2011, 09:02
Colin, thanks for the pics of the SAA Stores. You will note (in your image No 1) that there is a vertical bow handle set in the wall either side of the doorway piers. There should be a similar but horizontal foot iron at the base. The upper ventilators were adjustable and by putting a foot on the 'tread iron' and grabbing the bow handle with one hand an average man could stretch up and operated the ventilator slide with the free hand. (and you thought it was for cleaning muddy gum-boots:))

01-02-2011, 16:03
Went to investigate the Battle HQ shown on the Defence of Britain site today.
The position shown is a wooded copse in a field.
Unfortunatly there is no sign of a structure.
The southern end has old trees growing which would pre-date WW2.
No sign of concrete & site is too low just to be covered over.
Any ideas welcome.

01-02-2011, 16:09
KMZ overlay of air photograph.

Chris Lowe
01-02-2011, 20:55
The RSP puts the BHGQ about here http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.689813&lon=-2.637664&z=18.1&r=0&src=msl

Dan Hardy
13-02-2011, 15:49
Hi, does anyone have a plan of Atcham airfield? Planning a visit as its the nearest 8th AF airfield to where I live, but unfortunately it isn't included with the plans in Mighty Eighth war manual.

13-02-2011, 16:46
Hi, does anyone have a plan of Atcham airfield? Planning a visit as its the nearest 8th AF airfield to where I live, but unfortunately it isn't included with the plans in Mighty Eighth war manual.

The main points of interest are on the "Defence of Britain" KMZ file.
Open this in Google earth
There is very little to see on the industrial estate as everything has been re-worked.
However still some bits if you find them.
HINT (Listen out for shooting before entering woodland)

19-03-2011, 13:56
BHQ (permission to access it was not granted):


The nearby seagull (and again, permission to access it refused):


Dan Hardy
23-03-2011, 22:55
At least it's still possible to get reasonable shots, especially of the seagull trench. Was any reason given for not allowing access? Seems a shame when all someone wants to do is take a few photos close up and then leave. What are the grid references of these two?

12-11-2011, 15:21
Being local to this Airfield and rather confronted by the reports of members being refused to view certain elements. I ask you to contact me by e-mail sirjohn@oldcolonial.org.uk. Once we have enough interest for a Saturday group visit, you can leave it to me to sort out any permissions for this purpose. I would suggest some day during next spring before vegetation becomes a problem.................Now the who of you know of the existence of an underground 120 seat cinema on the site that had steps down to it and was bricked up and left very much internally as it was on the day. Yes tree roots may have invaded or NOT as the case may be. Let us find out! I know the wood it is supposed to be in so how about a sortie?

13-11-2011, 08:51
Welcome to AiX winco. An underground cinema? Now that's different! In my experience, I find that local people often have stories of buried aircraft and the like and underground hangars. As you are probably aware, the Battle Headquarters was one of the few structures that was (sometimes) underground so to confirm such a large structure as a 120 seat cinema would be wonderful. And what better way to find out than a field visit. I think that a number of AiX members will be interested in your kind offer.

I have found a couple of reports (unconfirmed) that there were three Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) stores located in Raveshaws Gorse Wood but nothing is shown on 1962 mapping other that three pillboxes so, if you have any knowledge of where the SAA stores were located I should like to know. There are scant remains of some of the Fighter 'E'-Pens and it was usual on fighter airfields to locate stocks of SAA around the perimeter adjacent to groups of dispersals.

13-11-2011, 13:47
Being local to this Airfield and rather confronted by the reports of members being refused to view certain elements. I ask you to contact me by e-mail sirjohn@oldcolonial.org.uk. Once we have enough interest for a Saturday group visit, you can leave it to me to sort out any permissions for this purpose. I would suggest some day during next spring before vegetation becomes a problem.................Now the who of you know of the existence of an underground 120 seat cinema on the site that had steps down to it and was bricked up and left very much internally as it was on the day. Yes tree roots may have invaded or NOT as the case may be. Let us find out! I know the wood it is supposed to be in so how about a sortie?

Welcome to the forum. If you are able to get the necessary permissions I'd love the chance to have a look around. I'm sure quite a few other ARG members would be interested as well.

13-11-2011, 21:48
I have found a couple of reports (unconfirmed) that there were three Small Arms Ammunition (SAA) stores located in Raveshaws Gorse Wood but nothing is shown on 1962 mapping other that three pillboxes.
They are shown on the RSP 231/45. together with the 'entrance' guard hut. They are type 'B' - also another three elsewhere, plus four type 'D' elsewhere. All to drawing 6A/81/42.

Unusually this airfield had two ops block sites. The second was the emergency site, and the block was type 'No.9 Group Air III' Main ops block was a 5291-5/41, and seems huge on the RSP - about 180 ft in length. Both sites had PB cable diversion blocks.

Wiki reckons the hangars are T2s. Oh dear!

14-11-2011, 07:51
They are shown on the RSP 231/45. together with the 'entrance' guard hut. They are type 'B' - also another three elsewhere, plus four type 'D' elsewhere. All to drawing 6A/81/42.

Thanks Carnaby; a new Drawing Number to add to my list! I assume that these were Nissen but under a local drawing number?

14-11-2011, 10:09
Hi all.............Yes I do believe that this airfield will drop into the category that you refer to with emergency ops blocks. What I have noticed although very new to your group is that your inquiries relate heavily to the area of the control tower and runways. I see little in the way of the expanded area, save for the photograph (2009) at the start of this thread. Now then forgive me for the following as it may be "teaching Grandma to suck eggs" if not then it will be of use.

I have over the years generally concentrated my idle efforts on the top left hand corner of this photo, not because of the photo but for the reason of having shot over the area as far back as 1965. That top left corner holds much in the way of evidence and is some distance away form the main group buildings. I will do a google earth with highlights and post it shortly. This top left corner shows the A5 towards Shrewsbury, on the right is Tern Lodge, this I believe was the main entrance to the Airbase or to MT section. Opposite you have the junction left towards Ironbridge. In the photo again you can see top left a wood just showing the river behind. This is known as Ishmere wood. It is this wood that I believe a 120 seat, some say 40 seat cinema that doubled as something else lay underground with a small number of additional underground structures.

B and D Ops yes I agree and (D) what a good place to put it I feel, so emergency Ops (D) not too far away underground in what was probably a sparse wood in the 40's. Just outside the main entrance or a entrance to MT section makes a lot of sense in my book. Surely the USAAF would have considered the servicemen with regard to a film or two.

Ishmere wood referred to in my reply to another of today does carry evidence of two or three other buildings, so I hope this info may assist your quest. Indeed for the spring when veg is low will try for a block permission and we can get into the wood and have a group scrub around. Strange really as on the base next to Tern Lodge I also remember some suggestion of a small P.O.W camp on the base which later was turned into pre-fabricated living quarters for Polish War demobs and was still in use up until the end of the fifties.

14-11-2011, 11:49
on the right is Tern Lodge, this I believe was the main entrance to the Airbase or to MT section ... Ishmere wood ... B and D Ops yes I agree and (D) what a good place to put it I feel, so emergency Ops (D) not too far away underground in what was probably a sparse wood in the 40's.

Tern Lodge, according to British Listed Buildings, at SJ555 0934 is over a mile from the main entrance which was at 568 101. The entrance to the MT section was 500 feet NNW of the latter.

'B' and 'D' don't refer to the Operations sites, but to the types of SAA stores.

Tern Lodge was the entrance to Site 6, Sick Quarters. I can't locate Ishmeer Wood, but there is Ishmore Coppice which was the location of the main Ops Block site here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=52.67918242270674&lon=-2.6569586992263794&gz=18&oz=9&gt=1)

Just north-east of here, in Attingham Deer Park, is a coppice called 'Officer's Mess', (let's hope they had more than one officer!), which was Communal Site 4, . The Attingham Park web site mentions semi-underground blast shelters where ' Each trench has a small room at one end where several people would have been able to hide if necessary, but the trenches themselves would have protected people from debris if a bomb had been dropped nearby.

The Emergency Ops was here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=52.67728302341965&lon=-2.642866373062134&gz=18&oz=8&gt=1). No trace today.

Just to the south, I note there is a 'museum' at SJ5653 0874. Wonder what it is ?

Chris Lowe
14-11-2011, 13:24

The museum is the EH museum for Viroconium, Roman Wroxeter.

Richard Flagg
23-11-2011, 15:14
Some photos I took at Atcham on 31 May 2008

Callender Hamilton Aircraft Shed (Building 1)

Callender Hamilton Aircraft Shed (Building 3)

Runway 01/19. Looking north from the entrance to the business park

Runway 12 threshold

Runway 12/30. Looking south east

P Bellamy
25-12-2012, 21:57
The Emergency Ops was here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=52.67728302341965&lon=-2.642866373062134&gz=18&oz=8&gt=1). No trace today.

The 1999 GE coverage shows the floorplan of a 75'x45' building in the eastern corner of that field.
There is a small brick building in the northern corner which has what appears to be a blast wall when looked at in Streetview.

Do either of those match up with the RSP?
(Bearing in mind that the 1999 coverage also reveals a fair bit of the Roman town under the turf)

Dan Hardy
29-03-2013, 18:36
Thinking of visiting Atcham on Monday, weather permitting. Its long been on my list of Eighth AF airfields, but despite it being less than an hour away, I've never been there! How easy is it to gain access to the old runways and also the wood with the pillboxes and huts (Ravenshaws Gorse)? I notice the area isn't exactly blessed with public footpaths! Also, are there 3 re-clad Callendar-Hamilton hangars? Any other buildings on the business park? And lastly, where were most of the dispersed sites, and is anything left of them?

Chris Lowe
29-03-2013, 19:00
Along side the road you'll find sleeping shelters & remains of fighter pens

30-03-2013, 09:10
On the good side there are no "keep out" notices.
However people have been refused permission to visit the seagull trench.
There is access into the wood and the E pens but I suggest just being low key.
Also best to look / listen for shooting in the woode before entering.

Dan Hardy
30-03-2013, 14:19
Thanks! Whereabouts are the E pens?

30-03-2013, 14:32
On the opposite side of the road to the factory entrance in some scrubland.
If you look at the picture on post 12 on the first page you should be able to wowk it out.

Dan Hardy
01-04-2013, 18:24
Spent a couple of hours at a bitterly cold Atcham today. Here are a few pics...

Main runway/B4394 looking North East


Perimeter track heading towards the Technical Site


Building on opposite side of the road that runs behind the industrial estate. Not sure what it was, but I'm sure it would have been part of the Technical Site


It was next to another building. In between the two, a barn has been built



Perimeter track leading to West end of NW/SE runway


NW/SE runway looking towards a particularly uninviting-looking Wrekin!


Track leading to end of N/S runway, just off the road to the industrial estate


One of the re-clad Callendar-Hamilton hangars


And from the other side


More pics in next post!!

Dan Hardy
01-04-2013, 18:32
I think this is the site of the third hangar. If you look on Google Street View, there is nothing here, so this must have been built fairly recently


This is the other remaining re-clad hangar


Shelters along B4394




One of the pillboxes in Ravenshaws Gorse. I did get a shot of one of the others, but couldn't explore too far as it was quite boggy in places!


Remaining hut in the same wood


Perimeter track at North East corner of airfield


And lastly, a possibly airfield related pile of rubble on one of the dispersed sites!


Had a look from the road at where the BHQ is apparently located, but couldn't see it. Also got some shots of Ismore Coppice, where the HQ site was, and also the lodge at the old sick quarters entrance, but nothing airfield related was visible! Also didn't manage to get a look at the seagull trench, but there's always next time!!

Richard Flagg
02-04-2013, 22:47
Alot more there than I thought, thanks Dan

01-06-2013, 20:57
Hi. I have been reading the forum for ages with much interest but felt I should register and post now because I was at Attingham Park yesterday and discovered the National Trust have recently set up a new "Walk" in the park, described as "The WW2 Walk". Obviously the WW2 content concerns the remote parts of Atcham.
First I need to test whether I can post photos correctly. This is the information board at the former hospital site, immediately east of Tern Lodge, north of the junction of the B4380 and B5061 (the former A5):

01-06-2013, 21:16
The walk crosses the two channels of the River Tern in front of the mansion and heads south east to just short of Tern Lodge. This area was previously a "sanctuary" for the deer where the public were not normally admitted. You then enter what they call "Hospital Plantation". There is no evidence of the buildings now (not even the infamous underground hospital/cinema!). The current (?) (2005) 1:25000 Ordnance Survey map still shows the buildings, within a fenced compound that is now the plantation. Exiting the plantation, the route heads roughly north east to a small stream (just about discernable on the 25000 map) and a parallel strip of trees running NNE/SSW. East of that is a number of concrete hut bases, described on the information board as Officers' Quarters. To the east of those is a row of shelters. There are the remains of one other odd building (ablutions block?).

01-06-2013, 21:34
Problems with uploading more photos. Will try again later. 3 photos remaining: the remains of the odd building between the Officers' Quarters and the shelters, plus two of the concrete road clearly seen on the 25000 map immediately south of "New Plantation". This road seems to go nowhere and there are no obvious traces of buildings near it. Maybe built in anticipation of further buildings that never appeared? What is on the map exists on the ground. It links up at the edge of the Estate with other tracks, to the Tech site and south east to the junction of the B5061 and B4394, reaching the public road just north of the house on the junction (a new track is being built off this to the north but it is on "virgin" land and does not use a pre-exisiting WW2 track.

01-06-2013, 22:43
South of New Plantation. Looking roughly SE at the T junction in the tracks at Grid Ref approx. 557101 and looking SW from the same junction along the track that ends in the middle of nowhere.

31-10-2013, 17:42
Fascinating thread guys and an excellent resource. I stumbled accross the site after visiting Greenham Common yesterday on business and simply ran a google search. I live near Atcham so had a look here. So reading through the thread, did anything ever come of the quest to find the underground cinema?

22-11-2013, 00:00
Facinating read about what you guys have found and been able to link together so far. I just happened to stumble across this thread while looking at pictures from RAF Atcham.

I happen to work as a full time volunteer with the National Trust at Attingham Park and have therefore seen quite a lot of the remains, rubble and plans for the site and talked with people that have lived in the area for 30-40 years.

I'm going to do my best to point out a few things in addition to what you guys have already found. Bare in mind I am a complete newbie and my descriptions/terminology might not be quite correct. I also have no pictures currently but could maybe take a few if I get chance and am working nearby. I will also point out that a lot of areas are not technically for public access so getting permission would lie with the current tennant farmers and potentially National Trust in some areas since they own the land. Im not going to be responsible if you choose to go and explore these, also try not to pester the Trust as they may not take too kindly. It is on the cards to open up more of the estate but when that will happen I really dont know.

Below is a screengrab from Google maps showing the area.
Blue = Concrete Airfield roads still visible and used today - See below for more info.
Red labels = Areas containing buildings or the remains of.
Yellow = The runways.
Purple = Road/lane present when the airfield was in operation.


A = Small pillbox on the north side of the bridge over the River Tern. Still completely intact from what I can see and is accessible.

B = Blackwood - Remains of bunkhouses, A pumphouse (From what I have been told) and a few large air raid shelters with brick blast shields in the entrances - all in reasonable condition. Be aware that this wood is used by a outdoor forest school with kids a couple of times a month.

C = Couple of buildings - Unsure of what as I have only seen from the road.

D = Seagull Trench

E = Atcham Business park and location of control tower and small workshops (?) here:
None of the airfield buildings in this area remain as they were flattened for the business park from what I have been told. However it does look like 3 of the hangers may have been reclad? Or 3 new buildings built on the existing footings/bases. The curving perimeter is actually that of the concrete area where the planes were parked up and can be seen on the plan previously posted:

F = The 'Tech' area as a couple of you guys called it. The 2 long buildings with the modern barn in between. These were actually the MT sheds. The are obviously still used today, one end by the farmer and the side entrance by the National Trust. The 2 facing walls have been knocked through to form one large building with a partition wall. Unfortunately the north building is close to being condemned due to large cracks in the wall and it being generally unstable.

G = Officers mess - self explanatory - mess room. Large pile of rubble remains of the building from when it was knocked down.

H = Several small raid shelters in a very poor state, only a few bits of the sidewalls and entrance remain. mostly just sunken rectangle in the ground.

I = Couple of concrete pads next to the road - buildings or parking for vehicles Im not sure. This is inside the Deer park and not accessible unless through the NT main entrance.

J = Little Egg Coppice - Nothing remaining but apparently had a few small buildings. This is inside the Deer park and not accessible unless through the NT main entrance.

K = Big Egg Coppice - Similar to the little egg - nothing remains. This is inside the Deer park and not accessible unless through the NT main entrance.

L = The Slang - Currently the site that makes up the WW2 Walk at Attingham. Consists of 'Site 10' where there were officers quarters and shower blocks. There are probably around 6 concrete pads remaining and visible (I uncovered and cleaned a couple myself ;) ) and you can see the locations of the partition walls by marks on the floors with the old fireplaces etc. There is 1 base that you walk across as part of the WW2 Walk, it has been damaged by contractors putting in a water pipe many years ago. I believe there should be a line of huts between the stream and road but they are still covered. The main concrete pads are east of the road running along the line of the wood. Just slightly further east on the edge of the woodland are several mostly intact air shelters, they have had the entrances blocked and and holes in them fenced off to keep the general public out for the time being as they are classed as unsafe., also to stop kids falling into them.

M = Ismore coppice. The site of the Base HQ from what I know although all that is left is a large pile of rubble and not much else.

N = Hospital plantation next to Tern Lodge - Site 6 (I think) Pretty self explanatory but nothing remains there now. This is inside the Deer park and not accessible unless through the NT main entrance.

I noticed that there are a few images here from Ravenshaws Gorse to the East which I havent marked. Something I forgot to do, but then I didnt realise there was anything there until reading this thread!

Hopefully some of the above is useful information and I will try to get pictures and the full plan that the NT has if I can. Any feedback or corrections appreciated!

22-11-2013, 11:49
Ravenswood Gorse also contains at least three pillboxes. Also a pillbox in the corner of the field west of Uckington Farm. Battle headquarters is on Uckington Farm land.

22-11-2013, 19:58
My bad on the Battle HQ, it is indeed at Uckington. My poor terminology is to blame there.

Not sure what ismore was then but there is a large amount of rubble there from the building that was demolished. which could be the reason i heard tell it was a base HQ? To be honest it could be where a load of rubble from other buildings was dumped giving the impression of a much larger structure. :/

Chris Lowe
22-11-2013, 20:03

Are the NT able to help at all with obtaining permission to explore from the Tenants?


22-11-2013, 23:27
Probably not. I doubt the NT would willing let you as from my understanding they blocked those few shelters on the WW2 walk due to them being unsafe and probably cant take the risk of allowing the public to explore in case of injury - you know how it is these days.

The tenants might let you as they might not be quite so concerned with that aspect - eg. Uckington allowed someone to go to the Seagull trench as I have seen a article where it states permission was given. I would think that going direct to the tenant farms would be the better option of the 2 as they are the people that use the land currently.

I can try asking the NT about people coming to have a look when I next get chance - And seeing if they have any sway with the tenants - but I wouldnt hold much hope. I dont particularly want to cause issues either since I volunteer there regularly. Will see what I can do.

I'll also try to get a copy of the overall plan including living quarters away from the airfield itself too so you guys can have a look.

P Bellamy
01-12-2013, 20:48
From the 1st Air Division History:

On the 18th of February 1945 Cpt. Arthur Yohalem, Assistant Division Quartermaster Officer, met with Lt. Jerome M. Weiner, Quartermaster Officer of Station 128 (Deenethorpe), to visit Station 342 (Atcham) to make preliminary arrangements for the storage and inventory of post, camp, and station property prior to returning this station to the RAF. Lt. Weiner was detailed on temporary duty to Station 342 to assist in the preparation of the Marching Out Inventory.
Lt. Weimer's work in closing out this station was of such fine quality as to merit a letter of commendation from the Division materiel and Maintenance Officer, Col. Guy V. Whetstone... unfortunately however, the letter of commendation was posthumous. In the last week of March Lt. Weiner was murdered at his station.

One of the men in his company, S/Sgt. John E. Nold, went to see Lt. Weiner, supposedly for the purpose of requesting approval of an application to return to the United States, but was told that his case did not warrant the approval requested. Sgt. Nold left the office, went to his barracks, took a German pistol, loaded it, went back to the orderly room, opened the door and emptied the gun into Lt. Weiner who died immediately. Some of the men nearby seized Sgt. Nold and he was taken for trial.
It was certainly the most shocking crime in the history of the First Division, the first case of murder in the Division's records.
At this writing the trial of Sgt. Nold on charge of murder is pending.

matty james
04-11-2014, 22:46
Hello to you all, my name is matt ive been researching Atcham for over 10 years, long story why so dragged out. The Wrekins Thunderbolts hopefully will get published one day. I've hit a stallone and would like some assistance with a few queries.

P Bellamy
04-11-2014, 22:52
PM me what you need and I'll see what I can come up with. :)

Paul Francis
05-11-2014, 10:07
That will be two books on Atcham published next year and a report then.

30-01-2015, 20:31
Here is a Britain from above image showing the flooding of the river Severn in 1948, but in the background it shows Raf Atcham in 1948 still with most of the runways surviving

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/EAW012641_zpsvtj9htdm.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/EAW012641_zpsvtj9htdm.jpg.html)

Regards Ian

matty james
12-05-2015, 12:50
In my quest to build up a idea of what life was like at Atcham during its training period, I found this from what was 131 San training in Spitfires.
Fl/Sgt R.Miller trained at Atcham from Sept to Dec 1941 (approx) . The photo shows some of the training covered. I believe that the training classes stayed similar when the Americans took over. Apologies if I'm wrong on that part, as its from various sources I've spoke to over the years.

Peter Kirk
12-05-2015, 13:16
I believe the training described was standard for an operational squadron to keep in practice, especially if in a quiet area, and to hone any skills that were lacking, particularly on an individual basis. Squadron practices would also help bring newcomers, fresh from OTU, up to scratch. I believe 131 squadron was fully operational by then and that Atcham was a an operational fighter station. The USAAF period seems to overshhadow its former role.

I suspect by this period, late 1941, the regular raids had diminshed and a those that did occur tended to be at night. As 131 was a day fighter squadron their use would have been limited in the areas covered by Atcham.

matty james
30-05-2015, 17:28
HELP, I took this photo back in 2002 when I started my research on Atcham.
I didn't make a note of its location , I've been back today to retrace my first trip, but I'm stumped. I originally thought it was a blast shelter, if any one could assist or point out where it may have been, I would be grateful.

P Bellamy
30-05-2015, 18:02
It's one of the fire trenches in Wycherley Coppice.

matty james
30-05-2015, 20:36
I thought it was situated there, thanks for confirming it

matty james
15-06-2015, 15:22
Could any one help with two incidents I've found out for Atcham, in my research.
First the murder at the forest glen in Sept 1943, I have victims details and the name of the suspect. I would like any extra info of court case etc from local papers, and the next incident is a American pilot who saved two girls from drowning in the river severn. This I have no dates or names,
Any help on these subjects will fill a few gaps in my pet project.
Thanks guys

matty james
14-07-2015, 20:53
Hello to you all, has anyone got a picture or a drawing plan for 15720/40
Picket post. I'm struggling to find any info, and would like to sketch it for my book. Any info offered will be fantastic.
Also same for Atcham Site 5 Sick Quarters.
Cheers matt

07-10-2015, 21:35
Here are a few images dated 1944 of Atcham clearly shows the E-Pens up quite well, these were sent to me a few months ago, without any name attached to them for the images, hopefully they will be ok.

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/1509234_994305547248910_7823476793276627524_n%20at cham_zpsajzdxney.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/1509234_994305547248910_7823476793276627524_n%20at cham_zpsajzdxney.jpg.html)

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/11393137_994305540582244_7082481518199764448_n%20a tcham_zps7kd57gje.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/11393137_994305540582244_7082481518199764448_n%20a tcham_zps7kd57gje.jpg.html)

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/10012585_994305550582243_221409723440365013_n%20at cham_zpswjqleysf.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/10012585_994305550582243_221409723440365013_n%20at cham_zpswjqleysf.jpg.html)

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/1800152_994305597248905_2771203773200966294_o%20at cham_zpsstktgwx3.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/1800152_994305597248905_2771203773200966294_o%20at cham_zpsstktgwx3.jpg.html)

http://i550.photobucket.com/albums/ii425/LLanbedr/11351303_994305543915577_425694655272290506_n%20at cham_zpsfcrfnv53.jpg (http://s550.photobucket.com/user/LLanbedr/media/11351303_994305543915577_425694655272290506_n%20at cham_zpsfcrfnv53.jpg.html)

Regards Ian

matty james
09-11-2015, 14:19
Good afternoon to you all, my conquest to write about Atcham is slowly nearing the finish line. Just a few questions to ask if any one could help with answers. NFE STORES what was night flying equipment? What was a hunt range ? Was it a indoor rifle range? Sorry for taking a guess on the hunt. Also which is the way into explore the remains at ravenshaw woods. Hopefully with these boxes ticked it will be very soon that "They Flew Among Our Clouds" takes off to the publishers, Thanks for any help passed to me.