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17-07-2009, 18:19
Denton was a RLG used by Sywell during the War. I'm starting to research it for a possible Airfield Review article. Has anyone got any info that might help, beyond what's in the usual sources? Also, has anyone got any photos or plans that are suitable for publication?

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Chris Lowe
07-08-2009, 22:01
Any one know what these earth works are south of Denton http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.184634&lon=-0.763512&z=14.2&r=0&src=msl there seems to be a bunker or building of some sort surrounded by a bank and a wet moat, most are over grown but there are 2 seperate groups of them.

08-08-2009, 06:17
That's Yardley Chase, a WW2 Army munitions storage site(s).


Chris Lowe
08-08-2009, 08:22
Thanks Peter I thought it had to have something to do with explosives.


10-12-2009, 14:23
In my researches I've come across mention of a B-17 landing on the airfield, narrowly missing the canteen as it did so. I presume this was from one of the local units (Podington, Thurleigh, Chelveston etc). Does anyone have any info, date, serial number etc. Also, I assume that the aircraft had to be flown out again - the maximum landing strip length was 3,000 ft so it might have been a bit of a squeeze!



10-12-2009, 17:49
The site looks like it could be a good walk, and maybe worth the effort.

I've got a site plan at home and will post it up in the morning along with some info too.

However did find this:


28-01-2010, 22:52
Hi all,

I recently salvaged 2 wooden framed blister hangers from the grounds of a Stately home in Northamptonshire (Courteenhall). When speaking to the 95 year old Lord who originally erected them on the site in 1948 he mentioned they were from Brafield airfield although i cant seem to find any info. Can anyone shed any light on the location?



Chris Lowe
28-01-2010, 23:47
Could be Denton RLG just down the road from Brafield.

Peter Kirk
28-01-2010, 23:48
Probably Denton airfield just down the road.


Peter Kirk
28-01-2010, 23:49

Chris Lowe
28-01-2010, 23:55
Did great minds post at the same time there PNK?

P Bellamy
29-01-2010, 01:51
The outlines of Denton's blister hangars can still be seen in GE and similar current air views. :-D

Paul Francis
29-01-2010, 09:59
I will locate that drawing next week Tim.

airfields man
29-01-2010, 19:13
Thanks for the memories, I forgot all about that airfield. We used to go and watch Banger racing on what was probably part of the old site in the 1970s. No plastic cars in those days, built like tanks especially the Mk 10 Jags that seemed very popular.

29-01-2010, 19:36
Thanks all, will have to see what other info i can dig up.



Peter Kirk
29-01-2010, 19:51
Thanks for the memories, I forgot all about that airfield. We used to go and watch Banger racing on what was probably part of the old site in the 1970s. No plastic cars in those days, built like tanks especially the Mk 10 Jags that seemed very popular.

It was Austin Cambridge and Morris Oxfords in the mid/late 70s our way

airfields man
29-01-2010, 21:29
Yes, I well remember the Morris Oxford and Austin Cambridge. My mate had an Oxford, very early model,with the fins on top of the rear wings. My brother had a Wolseley 16/60 much the same as the Cambridge. Dad had the 4/44 Model. Just along from Worminghall airfield again in the 70s was another Banger Racing site. Plenty of Ford Zephyr's, Zodiac's and Consul's I remember.Being right next door to a scrapyard it was very convenient. About 1983 I called at this scrapyard to photograph the remains of an aircraft [unknown type] that had been there for quite a while. I then sent these photographs to Flypast for inclusion in their magazine. Not owning a camera myself I borrowed my dads 1950s model which is why they were never seen in Flypast. :sad: Later similar photographs appeared within Flypast that they took with a proper camera.

29-01-2010, 21:58
Gents, I cant seem to see anything at Denton, is the outline of the field obvious?

P Bellamy
29-01-2010, 23:08
This Live Earth link should be centred on the airfield: CLICKY (http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=52.208087&lon=-0.798312&z=16.1&r=0&src=msa)

1946-47 air photo below, about the time the airfield closed.

All the best,

Chris Lowe
29-01-2010, 23:20
You can clearly see WW2 concrete.

30-01-2010, 12:17
Chuffed to bits, thanks very much. The GE image clearly shows the 2 bases running along the side of the road with exactly the same dimentions as the hangers 61' x 25'. Paul's wartime pic shows structures on the bases which i'm hoping due to the shading and sunlight are the actual hangers.

Next question is: What was stationed there?


P Bellamy
30-01-2010, 14:36
Denton was the Relief Landing Ground for the RAF's No.6 Elementary Flying Training School at Sywell, who used Tiger Moths.
Half of the unit's aircraft were based there at any given time, comprising three of the School's six Flights. This means there would be up to 60-odd Tiger Moths on the site by 1942.

Examination of the air photo indicates a total of twelve hangars at Denton by closure in 1947:
Ten standard (timber-framed) Blister Hangars, four along the northern perimeter, four along the southern perimeter and two along the south-west perimeter.
Two Extra Over (steel-framed) Blister Hangars in the north-west corner of the airfield.

All the best,

Peter Kirk
30-01-2010, 21:57
Just wondering what the "square circle" mark is. Made by aircraft taxying or vehicles?

Chris Lowe
30-01-2010, 22:46
The concrete roads are shown on the modern OS map sheet 223 but it doesn't mark it as a disused airfield.

Chris Lowe
22-03-2010, 16:22
I visited Denton today & took a few pictures from the field gates of the fragments of concrete that are left, and it woukld appear that the flying field is now a race course.






Chris Lowe
22-03-2010, 16:24
A few more.




22-03-2010, 17:17
I suppose it's an ideal site for a race course.

Don't suppose theres any buildings left here is there Chris?

Chris Lowe
22-03-2010, 17:21
I didn't see any & there where some vehicles parked on the field but I couldn't see anyone about to ask if I could explore properly so I just took these few snaps from the gateway.

26-04-2011, 23:16
Heres a few more from Denton. Nothing more than hut & hangar bases remain.......very nice hut & hangar bases though :).

Blister Hangar base -
Airfield roadway -




and finally, looking across the old flying field -

There's a suprising amount of hut and hangar bases still here at Denton. It's quite a result to find all this surviving on an old RLG site.

Thanks to Buccaneer for what was a nice end to a good day looking over some of Northampton's airfields (including Desborough OBVIOUSLY!!;-)).