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Peter Kirk
18-07-2009, 17:08
A difficult one due to the thumping great refinery and the changed coastline. This is the site I found near Fawley Station.



The old maps are confusing in that they show the beginnings of the oil refinery to the east of Fawley on the marsh land but they do not appear on the 1947 aerials. I am not sure if the map date is wrong (has happenned in the past) or whether the aerial phot has been doctored (good work if it is!).
The aerial photo appears to show two sites of what appear to be D1 or rectangular tanks. The location fits the requirement as well.
Can anyone confirm this is the correct place?

19-07-2009, 07:34
The record says 15,000 tons in D2 tanks (buried and protected against HE attack) presumably because the location in the Fawley refinery/storage site was a tempting target.

Using the Buxton D2 tankage as a guide these would have been square or half round section tanks between 100 and 180 feet long.

I'm having difficulty pinpointing your location.

Peter Kirk
19-07-2009, 09:58
I think it is where the sidings are on my map, between the word "Flare" (3rd one down) and "Oil Refinery". I'm pretty sure it was marked as a station on the older maps.
I am not 100% sure the photo shows the tanks though.

20-07-2009, 09:31
Thanks PNK; I have it. There is an old road system in there (viewed in GE) which ads to the possibility of that being the site.

I shall see if I can find out more.