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Paul Francis
28-07-2009, 16:08
The first watch office:


Paul Francis
29-07-2009, 12:12
The second watch office


Richard Drew
30-07-2009, 12:09



Butts have now been removed by the farmer! as usual.


Fighter pens have full defence positions in the front & the rear and must be very rare?

I have not updated my website on Culmhead and it desperately needs doing, there is much more there to see.

30-09-2009, 15:48


09-11-2009, 01:46
Right, I've been for a perambulation around this one now. lots to see and do!


If i've got descriptions wrong please let me know. I am on a near vertical learning curve with this stuff.

Huge thanks to Atlantikwall Richard for guiding me round in a logical and easy to follow fashion!

my pics can be freely downloaded and used *providing* they are not used for profit and that I am credited along side them.

Aye thank you!

Peter Kirk
09-11-2009, 14:15
Great set of pics.

I trust you din't try the mushroom as there is a bit missing!

I recently found mention of a bombing range at Culmhead (not the airfield) and I have it located at Tricky Warren (Isn't that a character from Eastenders?). Seems a bit close but I assume it was a practice range.

09-11-2009, 18:29
re the bombing range. the plans that I have seen indicate a bombing range dropping off the south west edge of the airfield into a bit of a valley.

Peter Kirk
09-11-2009, 20:14
re the bombing range. the plans that I have seen indicate a bombing range dropping off the south west edge of the airfield into a bit of a valley.

Would you be able to give a NGR or GE link for it, Or at least the bit you can see?

09-11-2009, 20:55
the plan that richard and i worked from on sunday had BR marked on the southwest corner, pretty much where you were I've arked up a GE image with the places we visited. They are not labelled correctly with the function. but they are indicative of what we got up to.


new, more updated GE Image

with the BR in the southwest corner where the perimeter track cuts in.

somerset council website link... never seen it before now http://webapp1.somerset.gov.uk/her/details.asp?prn=44340

16-11-2009, 00:15
I've just had a reply to a post on another board with some interesting info, that others here may or may not know. apparently, this:


went in this:


and then in turn in this:


and it's quite a rare item.

aparently further info can be found:
The Air Publication for this mounting is in The National Archives under reference AIR 10/3219 if you would like a look.

16-11-2009, 03:52
Would this be the 'Motley Mounting' that has featured in another thread?

The guns look to be twin Vickers 'K' guns.

16-11-2009, 22:56
it looks like it could be a version of it. I've found an online source showing a mark v mount which is very similar in terms of it's counter springing system, but instead of going straight to the base, it's mounted on the back of a chair which is then mounted into the base. the plot thickens!

17-11-2009, 07:29
The 'Motley' was discussed here and in a related thread.


Chris Lowe
30-03-2010, 18:29
This is a handy document.

Paul Francis
30-03-2010, 19:53
How embarrassing, I did that 13 years ago! Re-doing a part of it now with re-drawn digital mapping (whilst on holiday) as its snowing here in Perth.
It will form a part of a new AiX ARG magazine due out in a couple of weeks on airfield defences.

Richard Drew
30-03-2010, 20:15
Culmhead was one of the first sites that I placed on my website, I have amassed many photos over the years and I had never updated the website. I made another visit last year and took lots more photos and I have tried to update the website. Culmhead has a bit of a hold on me, It seems to be taking me a long time and I have done loads of new & updates and still cannot finish Culmhead off. I really like the airfield but am so sad every time I visit it gets more dilapidated. Perhaps that is why its taking me so long? To me it should have been saved as a museum??? but there is no money for that.

30-04-2012, 10:35
Hi Gents,

Does anyone know who the Culmhead airfield site owners are please? I'm really keen to gain permission to visit in order to measure up some parts for the Metheringham tower restoration.



01-05-2012, 07:59

Try with these first mate and they will probably know who you need to speak to:

a2b Stairlifts (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/maps/place?cid=11509996253113980618&q=a2b+Stairlifts&hl=en&ved=0CA4Q2QY&sa=X&ei=fYmfT9_yJ8ySjwfk1pE0)
Unit 3 Cipher House, Culmhead Business Centre, Culmhead, Somerset TA3 7DY, United Kingdom+44 800 917 7714 ‎a2bstairlifts.com (http://maps.google.com/local_url?q=http://www.a2bstairlifts.com/&dq=a2b+Stairlifts&cid=11509996253113980618&ui=earth&view=teaser&hl=en&ved=0CA8Q5AQ&sa=X&ei=fYmfT9_yJ8ySjwfk1pE0&s=ANYYN7kvnwJBogehIdNefHzZesUYG06HcA)



17-05-2012, 19:14
Night Flying equipment Store At RAF Culmhead.

23-05-2012, 21:52
RAF Culmhead Airfield.