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06-08-2009, 10:27
This section was looking a bit empty so I thought I'd add some details for Barton Aerodrome (EGCB). It could technically fall into the Lancashire section but it is now known as City Airport Manchester so I think it will be safe here!

Construction of the airfield started in 1929 and it was opened in 1930, it was intended to be Manchester's municipal airport but was deemed to small and plans were adopted for Manchester Ringway in 1934.

It is home to the first purpose built control tower in Britain and this is still in use today.

It was requisitioned by the Air Ministry during the war and there are some buildings from that era still on the site.

It was home to Lancashire Aero Club for many years but they have effectively been forced out and have since been looking for a new strip.

Today it is owned by Peel Holdings who own the Liverpool John Lennon / Speke and Doncaster Robin Hood airports, they also own the Manchester Ship Canal and the Trafford centre among other enterprises.

I have some photos from Barton here:

More historic details from the company website:

I worked at Barton for a number of years so I have plenty more information and photo's should anyone be interested, please PM me.
I will in time add them to this but I have other projects in hand first!


06-08-2009, 18:08
Thanks for starting this Phill - the Manchester section was looking worryingly empty. I grew up in Urmston and we used to watch the annual air display from the back bedroom window. Sadly of course this was where the last Mosquito came a cropper with the loss of both crew. Was this the last Barton display?

Going over the Barton high level bridge (now the M60, then the M63) you could clearly see the main hangar with Barton in large letters on the roof. Is it still there?


06-08-2009, 22:30
Hi Peter

Crikey, small world. I grew up in Flixton and spent each airshow day sat on the roof of the garden shed.
One of my best memories was of a Lightning streaking in from Ringway to start his display, right over my head and it seemed then so close I could touch it.
Deafened and with my first sniff of jet fumes, I was hooked!

I also still remember the Vulcan displays, even from the distance we were she took over the sky completely.

I remember the Mosquito very clearly, a sad day. I think this might have been the last, certainly the penultimate if not.
(the saddest part about the Mosquito is that it is understood the pilot recovered the aircraft but then hit tree tops)

With rising costs of insurances etc. and display lines getting pushed further back it became inevitable that the aerodrome could not physically get enough people in to cover the costs.
There was no shortage in punters, and even with park and ride facilities busing people in they could not get enough paying spectators in to cover the costs.

The Pemberton hangar is still there however the writing on the roof has long since faded away.


12-06-2011, 11:31
I was in the crowd at the airfield the fateful when the Mosquito was lost, it was a heart wrenching moment.
Have been visiting the airfield since late 60's, a lot of history but always in the shadow of MAN.
I remember taking a flying lesson from there on the day of an airshow, we had to be back on the ground by a certain time as the ATC changed to control the airshow, it was strange landing in a C150 in front of a growing crowd of people.
I still visit from time to time though currently the reason is that the club house is host to monthly meetings of Triumph sports car owners!

Richard Flagg
21-02-2012, 01:37
Control Tower on 14 August 1995. Barry Abraham / AiX-ARG Archives


26-02-2012, 20:50
The main hangar at Barton


I have more but cannot find them on my hard drive at the moment

tamiya monkey
29-05-2012, 20:53
Hi there here's some photo's i took while at our AGM on sunday.

01-06-2012, 13:01
Did anyone get a picture of the Hornet Moth which visited last week to celebrate 75th anniversary of the first flight into Manchester, I believe the aircraft visited Barton, Manchester and Woodford.

tamiya monkey
03-06-2012, 22:01
Some pictures from my brother terry.

tamiya monkey
03-06-2012, 22:03
again some more from terry

David Thompson
05-07-2013, 16:59
This might be of interest and with a decent weather forecast too ;


Date: Sunday July 7, 2013
Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am (GMT) Greenwich Mean Time - Dublin / Edinburgh / Lisbon / London
Notes: Following the continued success of previous events, we will have classic cars, emergency services, live music, aviation art, Flying School exhibits and new for this year, Go-Karting !!
Or take the chance to try your hand at flying a Helicopter.

Entrance: 8 for a car and occupants or 3 for pedestrians (accompanied children under 12 years of age admitted free).


Royal Air Force Battle of Britain Memorial Flight  Dakota Flypast

Raising money for SPARKS
When you ask any expectant parent if they want a boy or a girl, the answer is almost always the same  they dont mind as long as their baby is healthy. Thats what Sparks is all about.

Sparks is a unique childrens charity funding medical research into the prevention, treatment and cure of ALL conditions and illnesses affecting children, babies and expectant mothers.

Support from our annual Fun Day, together with other fund raising activities through the Peel Group will help fund the Sparks project.

You can find out more about Sparks and our fundraising at http://www.peel.co.uk/aboutus/charity

02-10-2013, 20:11
Until 1st of April 1974 this airfield was in Lancashire, it then became part of Greater Manchester. Its never been in Cheshire!!!!!!

Richard Flagg
02-10-2013, 23:23
you are right canberra, I have moved the thread

03-10-2013, 17:57
Thank you!

Iain Taylor
06-07-2015, 10:44
5th July 2015 saw the return of the Manchester Airshow after a gap of 19 years (last officially titled one was July 1996, but we've had family fun days periodically since).

A very small affair but over 15000 tickets sold. A few no-shows in the static lineup - Chippie went tech, DH84 due to weather at home - but enough local stuff to provide interest. Usual fair, stalls, emergency services but no sign of the black pudding fast food van (I wasn't expecting to see one but would have been very happy if it had been there as it makes for far healthier fast food than the usual rubbish!).
I'd pre-booked parking ...was parked up by 09:30 at the front and pretty much display centre. Other friends who hadn't booked told of heavy traffic all around the area later on.
Four helicopters in use doing pleasure flights before the show - long queues despite the number.
Show in two halves:

Pitts S1
Extra 260
Rotorsport Calidus
Hurricane & Spitfire

Shorts Skyvan
Old Buckers
Pitts S2
Oil response 727

Weather was great for most of the day but the heavens opened late afternoon and the final two items were cancelled. The RV8s had arrived earlier so people did get to see them fly in and then in the static area.

No doubt there will be complaints about traffic exiting the site but I thought it was mostly OK. They announced that pedestrians would be given priority and all traffioc would have to turn left onto the A57 (it's a dual carriageway so this made perfect sense). As the pedestrians would also be heading left to external carparking (AJ Bell Stadium and the Cathedral of Cunsumerism mainly)delaying cars leaving the airport was also a good call IMHO.

For next year there needs to be some improvement in the loos and perhaps more active management of the exiting cars onsite but my over-riding impression was well done to all involved in getting an airshow in Manchester back on the calendar.

06-07-2015, 16:50
Until I saw the item on the local news yesterday evening I didnt know there was an airshow on yesterday!

06-07-2015, 18:08
Until I saw the item on the local news yesterday evening I didnt know there was an airshow on yesterday!

My parents live just over the Ship Canal from there and said the same thing! Given that it seems to have been fairly popular, it's probably a good job they didn't advertise.

Iain Taylor
07-07-2015, 08:35
My parents live just over the Ship Canal from there and said the same thing! Given that it seems to have been fairly popular, it's probably a good job they didn't advertise.

Plenty of advertising locally....I first saw a poster for it in a newsagent in Flixton and by March there were quite a few posters around Flixton, Urmston, Cadishead and Eccles. MEN and Metro both had articles/advertising for it. I didn't see anything outside the core area except online.

09-07-2015, 03:01
From MINOR AIRFIELD UNITED KINGDOM dated 24 August 1994 issued by 1 AIDU


Map legend: