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Photo by David Rose

The Memorial is on the 14th green of Merrist Wood Golf course. It was formally unveiled in March 1997

At 22:40 on 10 March 1942 Halifax 'F-Freddy' was shot down by friendly fire.

Six Halifax's of 35 Sqd were returning from their first operation, a successful raid on Le Havre, to their base at Linton-on-Ouse.

They were attacked by British night fighters that had been sent up to cover a raid on Portsmouth.

The Halifax at that time was a 'new' aircraft and was still on the secret list and unlikely to be recognised by the fighter pilot.

The a/c was hit in the starboard outer Merlin and fire spread rapidly to the inner engine. The Flight Eng Ron Aedy was severely wounded in the leg by shrapnel and he was the first to bail out assisted by fellow crew members. As the intercom had been damaged the skipper's, Sqd Ldr Peter Gilchrist, order to abandon was not audible. There was no time for the Obs, PO Teddy,Arnold, W/O Sgt Stan Broadhurst, F.O. Bert Cooper the Rear Gnr and Pilot Sgt Reg Cooper escape. All but Sgt Cooper died instantly in the crash. Sgt Cooper was severely injured and died in hospital the next day.

abridged from David Rose's article in "Guildford - The War Years 1939-45'

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Exposed to all the elements as it is it's fading fast.