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15-11-2009, 14:52
found this, might be useful to someone @ 1949-1950




04-09-2011, 14:52
Does anyone the full story of the 707 that was in effect stolen from Lulsgate in the late seventies?

Ranger 1
04-09-2011, 21:02
The 707 wasn't stolen it arrived from Lasham after storage and work had been carried out. I went to see it the day it arrived and remember it taking off and over running the take off taking the 27 approach lights with it infact a close school friend of mine was only 50 meters away from it as it took off dragging its nose off just priot to the A38, I recently presented her with a gold plated 707 badge and various reports on the incident as she was infact a witness and was interviewed bythe AAIB and never told of the outcome of their enquiries.
I had planned to stand on the end of the runway to see it take off and get some shots of it taking off but luckily never made it in time, all I saw of it was it struggling to climb away over Dundry hill with four black contrails of smoke pouring from its JT3 engines.

Here is the link to the mystery of the 707 9Q-CRY "The Bristol Cowboy"!
I hope you find it interesting.