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P Bellamy
18-12-2009, 22:33
RAF Humberston CHL Station

I've been trying to find the location of the RAF Humberston Chain Home Low station for some time, and I struck lucky on an old air photo which picked up the shadow of the 185' tower:


The current view of the site in GE.
The main buildings appear to be still present:


Flash Earth link HERE (http://www.flashearth.com/?lat=53.529486&lon=0.001348&z=16.7&r=0&src=msa)

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25-09-2012, 20:55
Visited the former Humberston CHL site today with the permission of the owners

Some history:-
They believe that the site first existed as a camp site in 1908, there are suggestions that at one point pre-WW2, it was used as a supply depot for the humber forts. It became a CHL site on 27 Jan 1941. After it closed it was used for a while by the YMCA until the Tertia Trust (http://www.tertiatrust.co.uk/portfolio)took it on, initialy using some of the former RAF buildings for accomodation. They now have purpose built chalets and the remaining RAF buildings are effectively abandoned.

Apart form my own photographs of the remaining structures they allowed me to photograph some old photos they had

This photo is the north end of the site, the current mess hall is in approximately the same location as the H shaped nissen hut which is also believed to have been a messing area. I was told that the wooden chalets north of the mess hall were accomodation (these no longer exist). The nissen hut to the right is approximately the site of the first of the modern chalets and the diagonal path in front of it still exists

I was told that the large building was the station commanders bungalow, this may be true, but also it might have been his office and/or site admin. There is a mobile home on this location now. The Nissen hut still exists as does the white building to the right which was apparantly the Armoury

This photo shows the site from South Sea lane. The tower was apparantly 180ft high. The water tower in the picture still exists and is in reality quite small and is now missing its tank on top.

more later

26-09-2012, 06:26
Nice work netcompsys, interesting to see the old photos and relate them to the remains.

26-09-2012, 15:13
In an attempt to identify the buildings in the old photographs above and in my more recent photos I have created this plan

A Site of accomodation chalets
B Water Tower
C Current Mess Hall and site of H shaped Nissen Huts, probably original Mess Hall
D site of EWS (later outdoor pool)
E EWS pump house
F Standby Set House
G Main Electronics and Control Room
H Workshops
I Site of Admin/ Stn Cmdrs bungalow
J Small Nissen Hut
K Armoury
L Post War/Post RAF Gym
M Post War/Post RAF Chalets
N Directon North


26-09-2012, 15:29
My photos from my visit

B Water Tower (Tank recently removed)

D Site of EWS

E EWS Pump house

F Standby Set House (looking south)
10089 10090

G Main Electronics and Control Room (looking South)
10091 10092 10093

H WorkShop

J Small Nissen Hut



26-09-2012, 15:44
K Former Armoury

General view of the Site from the current main gate looking North
Main electronics/control building centre with Standby Set House left and behind
Old Armoury right of centre with small nissen hut behind
Post RAF bungalow to the right

View from main gate
Main electronics/control building centre with Standby Set House left and behind, post war power compound behind that
To the left the post war Gym, probably from the time of the YMCA Youth Camps and one of the post RAF chalets at the back

These last two photos were taken from outside the gate, all the others were taken during an arranged visit to the site and walk round with the site management. Photos taken with permission. Note that this is private property now owned by a charity giving holidays to disabled children


At Tertia Trust we are a charity which provides accommodation and facilities to organisations working with underprivileged children and young people, including those who are disabled.


26-09-2012, 16:06
Nice bit of work there Kevin.

30-07-2015, 12:43
The charity, the Tertia Trust, which operated the former CHL site for many years as a holiday site for disabled/disadvantaged groups have folded.

Over the last year or more, the charity has been going through bad times, including low income, no bookings, issues with the charity commission, resignation of trustees, vandalism, lack of maintenance and so on. It is not for me to attribute blame, and clearly the whole story is not in the public domain, but the upshot of it is that all those involved have walked away from it and the site handed back to the owners who own the commercial holiday camp next door.

Some of the stories over recent times are here, all from the local newspaper website, in date order oldest to newest





The future of the site is unknown