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Equipment Ammunition Depot, Banstead. Known as No. 116. Constructed in 1938, under the responsibility of the Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Used to store shells for 3.7" and 4.5" aircraft guns and rockets with a maximum capacity of 960 tons of ammunition. The Banstead depot supplied anti-aircraft guns in a ring around the south west of London from Dulwich to Raynes Park. The first issues were made in September 1939, four days before the war was declared. The depot was closed down in 1953.
It consists of eight rectangular magazines surrounded by blast walls and earthen banks. Each magazine contains two rows of nine bays, separated by an internal wall. Entrances are at the four corners, where concrete loading bays are found.

The magazines are separated by anti-blast traverses consisting of low walls of concrete, or corrugated zinc sheets and posts, topped by earthen mounds. Access to the magazines was provided by a concrete road from Park Road, which branches out into a loop road with three arms. The magazines were surrounded by an earthen bank, largely destroyed, and the entire site was contained within a steel mesh and barbed wire fence. Two metal sentry boxes are preserved along the fence.


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