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David Thompson
10-02-2010, 23:02
The latest edition of the RAF News , 12 Feb , has details of QinetiQ being awarded a 3 year contract by the Defence Estates to manage the MOD's weapons training activity with effect from this coming April with an option on a further two years . It covers the Defence Training Estate (DTE) ranges at Tain , Donna Nook , Holbeach and Pembry as well as the Cape Wrath Bombardment Range . QinetiQ will operate communications systems , provide IT support and manage the installation , maintenance and replacement of targets . The contract also includes the disposal of UXB's . An accompanying photograph shows two Jaguar aircraft on the weapons testing range at RAF Pembry - I can't see these on the range to the NW of the airfield itself using GE .

10-02-2010, 23:18
This impending new contract was the reason for the rush announcement and closure of Wainfleet on 2nd December last year. At the very last minute Wainfleet was pulled out of the new contract and SERCO had to be pursuaded to take a small contract extension for the rundown. When the huge costs of range clearance are also taken into account, I'm sure that they will have spent hundreds of pounds to save just pennies.

Chris Lowe
11-02-2010, 00:48
Rang clearance sounds like a job for Peter.
Both Donna Nook & Wainfleet are listed as Met Office measuring stations I wonder what will happen to the Wainfleet one?

11-02-2010, 08:33
On the day of the closure last year, amidst the TV cameras and reporters there were two Met Office people taking out met equipment from the Range Control Tower. However, Wainfleet is still reporting because its results can be seen on the Met Office website every day. These reports were extremely useful to me when planning my weekend commute over the recent period of snow and cold weather.

Paul Francis
11-02-2010, 09:25
So can I assume that SERCO has lost the ranges contract and QQ has won it?

11-02-2010, 09:56
Ha! The wonders of 'contractorisation' - to use the USA buzzword. Yes, it looks like QQ are taking over but if they are to also be responsible for 'range clearance' they may take on Serco as a sub-contractor?

The big job will be Wainfleet whether it is tackled by RAF EOD, REs or a civilian contractor. Labour intensive at a cost.

I was just putting together some images from the Pembrey Range clearance task. The WW2 range that is. It was located further down the coast than the current range and covered some 480 acres consisting of forest, sand dunes covered in mature buck-thorn and open beaches and took us months with almost nothing to show at the end. The only good thing was that it was done over a beautiful summer.

11-02-2010, 10:04
NP: Correct. The ranges were run by SERCO and now QQ has the contract. I think most of the people will TUPE across but QQ will put in new management, and no doubt major cost savings - sorry, efficiency improvements - also.

Peter Kirk
11-02-2010, 21:05
Or short term "apparent" savings but long term much higher cost due to changing requirements and specifications, which, being out of scope, will cost extra.

Probably ex-service personnel as well???

06-05-2010, 21:43
Yes theyll probably use ex-service personnel. But over the years the amount of ex service personnel will reduce as the size of the forces(particuarly the RAF) reduce. The contract at Valley was for years a very difficult one to implement as very few members of the RAF retire to Anglesea. The firm that got the contract had to train its staff, now that must have made the contract that aatractive?

As for the clearnce of ranges, the armourers at Lossiemouth reckoned it would take 10 years to clear Tain!

07-05-2010, 06:10
They still haven't finished the Somme!

07-05-2010, 19:35
I read one of Lyn Mcdonalds books about WWI, and an Army armourer says that his unit picked up 30,000 rifles in one week! And the Royal Engineers have 50 man years of clearance work in the UK that they know about.