View Full Version : RAF 'H' Block airmans accomodation basic dimensions required

18-03-2010, 19:09
Hi all,

Please forgive me for my very basic description, as I don't know what the specific drawing number for this type of building is.

I am currently attempting to recreate RAF Wittering for Microsoft Flight simulator X in as much detail as possible and I am about to start on the standard RAF 'H' blocks found on the base. Obviously I can use GE for the length and width but its the height I could do a little more information on. If anyone has any information that could help it would be greatly appreciated. Including details of the correct building name!!!!

The scenery when complete will be offered free and if I get enough information i'd like to try and recreate Wittering through a number of stages of it's long history.


Jim Coker

29-03-2010, 13:36

I use MS F2004 as FSX is too slow on my system.

Im forever trying to design scenery but found that there are a lot of freeware scenery objects already available. Try a search for Ted Andrews on either avsim.com or flightsim.com and youll see hes done a lot covering most buildings from sheds to hangars.

If your not happy with the textures just stick them in a paint program and hey presto new buildings already done.