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Richard Drew
30-04-2010, 17:58
I visited Shrewton on the 27th April to walk the airfield with the owner. It was a very interesting time, it has all its hut bases intact, a hardstand, fuel compound, pillbox defence and all its trackways. So its all there except the Laing huts. Lots of pilots from 1FTS Netheravon and many glider pilots were trained here. You can visit it when the red flags are flying, just stay on the road and Do Not go beyond the red flags. You also pass by Rolleston Baloon & Gas school and whilst there you can visit the WW1 Stonehenge airfield (carry your own trowel though) as there is very little left. There is also Oatlands & Lake Down with its distinctive water tower and two buildings.

Shrewton - http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/Witshire/shrewton01/html/page01.htm
Rolleston - http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/Witshire/rollestone01/html/page01.htm
Oatlands - http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/Witshire/oatlands01/html/page01.htm


Richard Drew
17-10-2011, 22:22
6388Battle HQ pillbox.

6389Flight line? 6393

6390The British Army doing what its best at. Speeding home for Tiffin.

6391Combined Dinning Room Officers & Sergeants Mess Laing 1032141


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