View Full Version : Outstanding map source - both military and OS.

11-05-2010, 16:05
Just thought I'd tip you chaps off about a favourite little shop of mine which is a goldmine for maps. Sadly they don't have an inventory on-line but it is well worth a detour to visit if your in the area.

Shop is called Cornell Books Ltd and is located in the old Wheatsheaf pub in Tewkesbury High Street, Gloucestershire.

I've been going there for years and on my recent trip they've acquired a large stock of ex RAF and WO maps. I picked up an entire set of RAF maps of the UK for just 11 and spotted a large cardboard box full to the brim of War Office maps overprinted with the Cassini military grid. There must of been hundreds in there all dating from WWII or just before.

They also have a back room full of just about every type of OS map you can imagine from 1:1000 to 1:500,000 pre- and post-wartime and it's a great source for 1950/60's 1:25000's showing airfield layouts before they started to get dug-up.

They also have a shelf full of military books and magazines some originals from the 40's. I picked up a couple of Action Stations books for 3 each.

So if you're on the lookout for older maps of the UK I sincerely recommended. I'll post the phone number/email later if anyone wants it - don't want to be accused of advertising.

Peter Kirk
11-05-2010, 20:21
That is my kinda shop. Sadly too far for a day trip!

Great idea to post it though. Might be worth using PMs for the address and email, just in case. Could you PM the details to me though as I would be interested in contacting them.

Baggins in Rochester used to have a stock the 1:25000 early 60s OS but I bought all those with airfields visible and the next time I went they had all gone.