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13-06-2008, 19:26
A few pictures of the remains of RAF Peplow:










The rest can be seen here



15-06-2009, 19:44
Taken 2009


13-02-2011, 15:28
Hello all, great site, we have bought a WW2 billet, thought to be used for communications. We are currently renovating it and fingers crossed will be living in it by the end of the year! I'm hoping to contact the MOD this week to see if they have any old plans or interesting info on this area, has anyone had any luck contacting them or know of any other routes that may have results?
This week we have dug the footings and its amazing to see how many cables we have found, large coaxial cables that originate in the billet and then go off into a field?? certainly sparks your interest.
We would love any info on this area that you guys might have, or any ideas of how to get hold of any, especially old pics of airfield in action or old plans.
If i find anything i will post it up here
thanks all :-)

13-02-2011, 16:16
Welcome to AiX, broccoligarden -what an interesting purchase.

Wondered where it was? some of our members will have a site plan and may be able to assist.

I note that RAFM Hendon has 'Airfield Site Plan - Peplow, 1756/45',

see THIS (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?393-RAFM-Airfield-Site-Plans-Parts-1-2-amp-3-%28In-Stock%29)


18-03-2011, 14:00
In 1984, Scapa produced a dissertation entitled 'Industrial Archaeology of Aviation in Shropshire' Under this airfield he wrote:

However perhaps the most unusual and spectacular surviving structure at Peplow airfield today is the former sewage treatment works'. Located to the west at SJ233651 , in a dip in the landscape, the filter beds were supplied by the main sewer pipe from a higher level - the pipe emerges from the hillside some distance away but is then supported across the intervening gap by means of more than fifty brick piers almost giving the impression of a small viaduct.The NGR should read 651233, and the location is here (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=52.80623789728178&lon=-2.51811146736145&gz=18&oz=8&gt=1).

Wonder if anything remains?

26-05-2013, 22:56
A view of Peplow airfield taken on 25-05-13


Viscount 701
12-08-2013, 09:59
Scanned from 5" x 3" prints, which I suspect are re-photographed from larger prints early '80s - certainly from a box of aviation photos untouched since 1986.

Envelope states:
RAFM P263 Childs Ercall from 3000ft 19/8/42


Three runways under construction. The way they all intersect at the same point should be a
clear clue. Certainly an unusual pattern, well removed from the familiar extended 'A' pattern. Clearly taken at a time when the hard runways and perimeter track were only partly laid. What though causes the 'zebra crossing', or 'piano keys' appearance of the left to right runway under construction?

Indeed this one is now confirmed as Childs Ercall/Peplow by "Ref".

15-08-2013, 13:04
I can't see the image but it was in another thread methinks.

The 'piano keys' effect is probably the laying (pouring) of alternate slabs of base concrete.

Richard Flagg
17-08-2013, 18:50
I've sorted the photo out now, all back on the forum!