View Full Version : Pembrokeshire Military Headstone/Memorials 1722 to 2004

23-06-2010, 09:27
Being retired, I have had an on going project for a number of years finding recording and researching military headstones/family memorials in Pembrokeshire and the County borders, supplying free info on request. I do not touch cenotaphs.

Currently I have some 2,500 jpeg’s covering the years of 1722 to 2004, many of which are of course Air Force/Field related. I have nigh on a further 1,000 references to personal who are buried either outside the county or whose final resting place is currently unknown. This database is backed by research from just a single line entry to in a few cases of complete life/family history.

My collection not only covers the war years but far more importantly (to me) peace time and those servicemen of all ranks that served and survived to return to civilian life and those that lost their lives during peace time i.e. accidents of all kinds, drowning, road accidents, trains, land slides etc.

If you have any military connection with the county and believe what I have might help you, I will supply quite freely without any charges anything I have to assist your own research.

Beware ~ I am aware that my photographic work is being sold by another website at £5 a headstone without my research.

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