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23-06-2010, 20:15

Built to Endure: The RAF Airfield Construction Branch in the Cold War - Nigel Walpole
Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Old Forge Publishing; First edition (26 July 2009)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1906183066
ISBN-13: 978-1906183066

Paul Francis
25-06-2010, 23:07
I just do not understand how this hardback book can be bought new for 7.99 when its original price was 25, the book retailer requires a profit, Amazon has their cut and the publisher? Presumably the author was paid a fee as well and there is also the cost of producing the book in the first place - it must have been printed in China. I can only think that at 25 it was costed far higher than its worth in order to regain costs quickly and to generate a level of profit before it is remainded on Amazon and now the publisher is getting zilch. Does this mean therefore that publishers are now producing books and pricing them artifically high, knowing full well that they will ultimately end up on Amazon, which gets rid of stock but reduces profit. If anyone has the answers please tell.

It does look a good book though!

27-06-2010, 10:09
This book was specifically produced for the Airfield Construction Branch who promised to purchase virtually all of the print run which only totalled a 1000 copies. The ACB Association only purchased a fraction of the promised amount and we were forced to find a home for the remainder via one of our regular wholesalers (Not Amazon). If they choose to sell on Amazon thats up to them!
The book was NOT printed in China and was certainly not priced higher than it was or is worth. A book of this specialist nature is worth considerably more, but if we are at the mercy of people who are just holding out for a bargain, then there is little point in publishing books of a similar nature in the future.
The author was not paid a fee but will be paid on royalties which he will be giving to COMBAT STRESS which was another reason for us taking on this project. Those people who purchase the book at the cheaper price (which I am not knocking for chasing a bargain) will not be contributing to the authors royalties/charity.
Publishers have been publishing books for decades at inflated profits to reach that break even point, this book was not and the amount of effort in producing it is worth ten times more. I published this as a supporter of all ex-Serviceman and thought the ACB needed to pushed to the front just the same as anyone else.
Because of the lack of sales on this particular book we will no longer be publishing books of this nature in the future.
Martyn Chorlton
Old Forge Publishing etc

Paul Francis
27-06-2010, 11:33
Martyn, I am pleased you have come on here to clear that up, I am sure you can understand the above, given the limited facts at my disposal concerning the sale of a high-end book for next to nothing (which in my view needed an explanation). I absolutely agree with you that a book of that nature is worth considerably more, given the amount of work, time and research that goes into such a book and that is why it was a shock to me at least that it was so cheap on Amazon. I mean, what hope is there for authors and publishers alike if the fruit of their research etc is sold for pence?
The poor price on there may have been publisher-led for all I knew, not third party.

As publisher of the Anthony Betts book on the ACS, I am surprised that the organisation rescinded on their commitment to you, though I think they only took a dozen or so of Anthony's book.

I have not published anything since 1996 or so but will be shortly, the ACS was the last straw for me back then and having sold around 500 or so, I donated the remaining stock to the ARG (there are a couple left I think). There is more interest now perhaps in aviation themes but folk still want a bargain. Having seen your book on Amazon for that ridiculous price, it rather got me a bit depressed (what is the point of going into publishing when quality books are so cheap) and I could not possibly work or compete with that kind of price.

But I will be publishing limited print runs of a series of books, just 490 for sale of each issue for a fair price. No price reductions, no second print runs, no third party outlets - you pay your money or you don't get. Simple! At least that is the plan. Only time will tell, if the first does not sell, then there will not be any others.

22-03-2011, 01:10
It's now going for 21:75 on Amazon and worth it. An excellent book.