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26-06-2010, 14:41
Colin's link to 'Built to Endure' prompted me to investigate the Postscript site. Big mistake - some very interesting books there. One which caught my eye was:

Hostilities Only (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hostilities-Only-Training-Wartime-Royal/dp/0948065486) available from just a fiver.

I purchased this (full price) a couple of years ago. It is a unique book which describes the massive training programme for the Wartime Royal Navy. Excellent detail, photos, and references: also good sections on the training bases, and the FAA. The Amazon link lets you browse.

It was through this work that I discovered the Synthetic Training 'Master' list in TNA. When I got that item I discovered a slip of paper inside which was the author's document slip - inadvertently left there. At least it proved he had accessed the document :).

Brian Lavery is curator at the National Maritime Museum, and respected author. I can't speak too highly of this volume.


Peter Kirk
26-06-2010, 20:19
Graham, just added to your commission :)

I cracked - besides the wife's Dad was a CPO so I can read it and give it to her as a Birthday present.