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15-07-2010, 09:09
Could anyone direct me to where I can find a comprehensive list of the above?
It is one area we do not seem to have covered in great depth.
It may of interest that the latest info shows that the mass burning which took place on the MUs in the immediate WWII years was of weapons that had already been decanted. There was at least one unit which travelled around drilling holes in the sides of munitions, extracting the chemicals by vacuum into containers for either stocking as a reserve or loading into drums and dumping off shore.

16-07-2010, 09:13
A comprehensive list would be hard to find since there were a number of sites where filled CW were stored briefly (such as active airfields) before policy changed and Forward Filling Depots (FFDs) were established. Also, some manufacturing sites were filling sites and also storage sites.

Presumably, you would be looking at RAF only or also War Department (Army)? I'm pretty sure that between us (AiX Members) we can name provide locations for most if not all but I think that it's important to provide a timeline to put them in context.

16-07-2010, 10:52
Colin I published a list of the post 1945 RAF C/W stores in a recent Airfield Review. I might just add this list to the audits.

PM me if you need a copy of the article.


16-07-2010, 10:58
Only one that I know of was at Bowes moor in County Durham.