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16-08-2010, 09:28
Google Street View has even got into the hinterlands Sorry, I don't know how to rename the link to something smaller.

http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=culshabbin&sll=52.721298,-0.902685&sspn=0.022406,0.055189&g=Great+Dalby,+Melton+Mowbray,+Leicestershire,+Uni ted+Kingdom&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Culshabbin,+Auchenmalg,+Dumfries+and+Gallowa y,+United+Kingdom&ll=54.82785,-4.591663&spn=0.00241,0.013797&t=h&z=16&layer=c&cbll=54.827853,-4.591668&panoid=uxQeqSeNLbVjaWpNnSNd0Q&cbp=11,114.43,,0,8.36

16-08-2010, 09:36
That is amazing - you can even see the arrow from the road.

Peter Kirk
16-08-2010, 12:51
If only Streetview could look over hedges!

18-08-2010, 07:10
If it could it wouldn't get under the bridges!

Richard Austen
14-11-2013, 15:11
While trawling through the web, I stumbled upon a reference to a range at this location which falls in the area of the The Machans in the old county of Wigtownshire. The reference includes a pic of the surviving? tower. The grid reference is NX 3651.

Forgive me if this installation has previously been given an airing.


Peter Kirk
14-11-2013, 19:19
The official name of the range was Mochrum but web references frequently use Flow of Airriequhillart. This range is blessed with extant features, the arrow and one quadrant shelter is at NX 336 511 whilst the second quadrant is at NX 346 514. Only the target is not around anymore and this was at NX 342 508, although if it was a concrete one it might still remain in the depths of the plantation so keep an eye out when the trees are felled!

Here is the link to the Mochrum thread http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?5049-Mochrum-Range-Quadrant-Shelter-and-Arrow&highlight=Mochrum I will merge it at some point.

Here are links to photos of the two quadrant shelters.



Also take a look at Google Streetview as it is possible to make out the arrow next to the roadside quadrant.