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31-08-2010, 15:55
From time to time we become aware of new threads intended solely to promote a product or cause.

Whilst we accept these may occasionally be of interest to our users, in the interests of good housekeeping our policy is to delete such posts without consultation unless they have been approved in advance by our admin staff.

Our moderators may view posts concerning charitable causes, notification of certain events and promotion of social networking websites in the same way as above.

Simply signing up as a member doesn`t affect this policy.

If you wish to advertise on the forum we have a number of options available to facilitate this - furthermore these are liable to be far more effective than fly-posting a new thread.

AiX Admin

27-09-2012, 10:12
AiX (The Airfield Information Exchange is the Public Forum for the long established and highly respected Airfield Research Group. (ARG *)

The Airfield Research Group is a not for profit organisation run by volunteers whose aims are to research, record and to report information and material related to the history, architecture, current status and use of military and civilian airfields throughout the United Kingdom and overseas. Our members believe that it is important to maintain a history of all aspects of the nationís aviation heritage. To become a member of the Airfield Research Group and receive full member benefits including our popular journal Airfield Review or to learn more about our activities visit www.http://www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/ (http://www.http//www.airfieldresearchgroup.org.uk/)

The recent acquistion of a permanent and secure home at the former RAF Alconbury for our priceless archives represents a significant opportunity to expand, catalogue and disseminate our collective knowledge.
Furthermore we are now in a position to house selected physical archives that might otherwise be buried away or even lost forever. These new opportunities come at a price. We need to raise funds for storage furniture, publicity, printing and a host of other sundry expenses to help us secure the safety and future of our operations.

The Airfield Information Exchange (AiX) is arguably the most well established, respected and regularly visited public forum dedicated solely to the discussion and study of Airfield History.

AiX has traditionally been a clean forum in respect of intrusive media, and a dedicated team of moderators has ensured the levels of "spam" and trivial postings are at an enviably low level. Our belief is that people visit us to learn more about Airfield History and the less interruptions to the experience the better.

However we do need to raise funds and with an average of 36000 page impressions per month we have a mutually attractive opportunity to offer space for some advertising outside the main body of the discussion threads.
Regular users will already have noticed we have expanded the scope of our Google adsense exposure to include image ads aboove and below the main body of the forum. (unregistered users will also see an addition ad on the first post in any thread)

Banners and Text Ads are now available at £10.00 per week or £30 per month (4 weeks) - On a first come first come first served basis.

If you would like to place a marketing banner or html text ad on the AiX forum website we currently we have 2 placements for you to choose from.

1. Below the navbar
2. Above the footer

Banners submitted for placement should be one of either:

Banner: 468 x 60 pixels


Leaderboard: 728 x 90 pixles


Ads should be in either jpg or gif format.

HTML Text ads should be submitted in plain text with notes about emphasis or hyperlinks etc.

* There are no restrictions on ad content but should be truthful and the content generally acceptable to our membership.
All ads are accepted at the discretion of the ARG marketing team.

Ordering your ad
Until we have our online payments page in place please : Email: ARG Ads (ng13@localiser.co.uk)

The ARG/AiX Team.
Sept 2102