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10-09-2010, 15:22
Hi, I'm a scale modeler, I really like to build airplanes and airfields.
Right now I'm building on a lancaster dammbuster.
Of course I want to build an airfield for this beautiful airplane.
I was thinking of making an David brown tug that is pulling my lanc to his lift-of place.
Poorly enough there isn't a kit (a pre-molded model), so i have to build it all by my self.
So i was looking for the sizes etc... on the internet. Poorly enough i couldn't find them. Or a vector drawing of one.
Maybe you guys can help my with my problem? Or even just the size of the wheels?

Ps. I'm from Belguim and just 16 years old, so i hope my English isn't to bad.

Thanks, Eli

ted angus
10-09-2010, 15:32
Your English is Good in fact better than some of the Englishmen on here !! The Airfix kit of the Stirling bomber contains a fairly accurate model of the David Brown tractor of the correct period. Sometimes a Stirling kit can be bought on e bay for little more that a model vehicle costs. It also contains 4 bomb trolleys and several 250lb bombs (124Kg)

P Bellamy
10-09-2010, 15:33
Hi Eli,

Depending on your chosen scale, there are two kits of the David Brown VIG tractor available.
There is one included in the Airfix 1/72 Short Stirling kit, and Accurate Armour make one in 1/48.

All the best,

10-09-2010, 15:47
Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm building a 1/72 lanc, But i wasn't looking for a kit exactly.
I think it is such a waste for the Stirling kit.
Maybe that is what i do, build it would be nice to scratch the tractor myself.

Thanks, Eli

10-09-2010, 15:54
Don't know if this helps at all - its a 1945 advertisement.


Vandermander David
21-11-2010, 15:58
Hey Raf
i m looking for all folders of david brown. Where did you find it?
I restaurate also a tug - vig industrial airplane puller
do you who are selling more of these tractors?

THX David