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30-09-2010, 22:40
can anyone inlighten me why there is a odd shape ganty at linton compared to the other 3. and 1of them is due to be replaced soon

David Thompson
01-10-2010, 09:57
Which one is it , presumably one of those either side of the tower ? Could well be that last time one was replaced it was this one and hence the difference and the proposed new one will be different again ? I suppose lighting technology moves on needing different types of lights and different structures to mount them on ? The same with road and street lighting .

01-10-2010, 12:38
its the smaller one on the nearest side of the asp towards the helipad thats different. when they get replaced is beyond me as there be maintance on there for years to come

David Thompson
04-10-2010, 00:09
Two shots to illustrate the lighting gantry, both of Hangar 1 at Church Fenton .



David Thompson
06-10-2010, 20:16
Thanks to REF for posting those in for me . Until I joined AiX I'd never have considered photographing lighting gantries.......nor fuel bowsers or emergency vehicles or........ !

06-10-2010, 22:23
thats excalty like the small one at the end of the asp at linton