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David Thompson
14-10-2010, 23:15
An intreresting website regards the Cold War and also mention of mustard gas ; http://www.nukes.org.uk/index

15-10-2010, 02:14
A nuke on a Harrier... thats funny

15-10-2010, 07:42
An interesting site indeed. The mustard gas page consists of a selection of random articles containing much detail in some cases. However it is not completely accurate, and contains errors noted on other web sites, e.g.

Almost 71,000 bombs containing tabun (http://wapedia.mobi/en/Tabun_%28nerve_agent%29) had been seized in Germany, these were stored in the open at RAF Llandwrog (http://wapedia.mobi/en/RAF_Llandwrog), near Caernarfon (http://wapedia.mobi/en/Caernarfon), until 1955/56

They were stored in hangars, and why is Tabun on the mustard gas page?


15-10-2010, 09:06
They do have a disclaimer:

Although we aim to only publish information, which has been proved to be correct, it is possible that some items are not correct and we apologies for any convenience caused.

A site which has some interesting information but, like Wiki, should be verified as required.

Paul Francis
15-10-2010, 15:44
A site which has some interesting information but, like Wiki, should be verified as required. Just like any website or books that are based on secondary sources

15-10-2010, 16:43
A nuke on a Harrier... thats funny

It's a Sea Harrier (+ 600lb) and it ain't that funny for the submarines!


15-10-2010, 23:58
Just had a closer look at the Mustard Gas page. Ouch!

A classic case of "Ooh look we've got some info from somewhere - let's produce a web page - quick".

It makes one wonder - years ago I spent many hours in TNA, which resulted in an article in 'Airfield Review', with its limited circulation. It was pretty accurate.

This lot release incorrect information to the whole world, which will be plagiarised again and again by other web sites, until it becomes gospel.


Peter Kirk
16-10-2010, 00:07
I read that article the other day. Having been to TNA and spent may hours there I now appreciate what is involved. You get a good file of info and it just stops at a particular date with no obvious follow up file. You are left with a story you can't finish until you find some reference in a totally unrelated file!

16-10-2010, 14:34
Yes the Sea Harrier was a strike aircraft, the Harrier wasnt.