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Peter Kirk
18-10-2010, 17:02
Looking through a file on St Brides bay ranges for FAA use, dated 1951-3 and I came across reference to photographic targets to be laid out at the disused airfields at Talbenny and Dale. They were in the form of a series of concentric circles to be painted on the northern runway intersections. Where the circles ventured on to grass, silversand or similar was to be used.
I don't think they went ahead, although at one point they thought they had!!! (A misunderstanding around the context of the word "cleared".)

The design looked familiar and it can be seen here at Treligga.


The implied date of the photo above is 1944 but I think it is the 1950s. The other feature used for this type of target is a very large 150ft arrow on the approach and possiblr on the other side.

Anyone come across any more of this type?

19-10-2010, 09:37
Paul just posted images of the Malta sound mirror. If you look at that area in Google Earth or similar to the NE there is a peninsula with a 100 yard diameter concentric circle marking visible. I have no time to follow-up!


Peter Kirk
19-10-2010, 23:27
Blimey, I can barely see that. It does look similar and there were FAA units in Malta post war.

I also remembered the one at Trevallen Down (SR97219305).

20-10-2010, 00:39
Slightly better view in Google (http://goo.gl/maps/ExsD)


20-10-2010, 08:24
]I also remembered the one at Trevallen Down (SR97219305)

That's a nice one and the same size as the Maltese 'target' so is probably the same function. The Trevallen Down version could be unique in the British Isles. The use of chalk as a marking agent often killed the local vegetation due to alkilinity resulting in a near permanent feature as with the targets at Ashley Walk Range.

20-10-2010, 15:03
[I]]SR97219305 The Trevallen Down version could be unique in the British Isles.
It is superb Link (http://wtp2.appspot.com/wheresthepath.htm?lat=51.59951032603824&lon=-4.929680228233337&gz=18&oz=8&gt=1). I was a few hundred yards from there last week - walked west instead of east! (Range was closed over weekend)


Peter Kirk
20-10-2010, 19:21
Also missed the arrow at SR 95890 93993 - I think it is a new one to me.

21-10-2010, 07:22
Good spot. WTP is not working for me today so it took a bit of finding. Might be post war?

Peter Kirk
24-10-2010, 17:36
The Castlemartin arrow and circles are probably for RN ant Brawdy circa 1953. The had use of the eastern side of the range.

Peter Kirk
05-05-2012, 19:27
Just by way of an update on the circles targets. The FAA Handbook of Stations from 1955-1960 states that Hal Far had an ORS target at Kaura Point, the one that PTE mentioned in post #2. So that confirms that it was a target.

Apart from Castlemartin there is another still visible on Pradannack airfield at one of the runway intersections. There were many more but their sometimes short life seems to fall between two handbooks! Crail was also meant to have one and the lat/long given puts it on the edge of the airfield to the NE. Seems an odd location but the lat/long may not be accurate as it didn't have "seconds". All I need is aerial photos from the 1950's for the doxzen or so locations!

Peter Kirk
28-10-2012, 23:29
Following on from post #10 has anyone got 1950's aerial photos of Crail, Worthy Down, Banff, Dallachy, Talbenny and Dale. to prove the ORS (photo targets) were actually laid out and also where in on the aerodrome.

I have confirmed photographice evidence of these targets at Trelliga (the original one), Predannack, Castlemartin, St Fergus (Kirkton) and a suspected one at Tarbatness.

Peter Kirk
13-09-2014, 19:54
The FAA Manual of Air Weapons Training AP (N) 82 from 196? shows the ORS target being used for practice. I have also confirmed their existence at Crail, Dallachy, Banff, Talbenny, Gunver Head and Worthy Down in addition to the ones already mentioned.