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Peter Kirk
30-11-2010, 16:27
One of the plans I have photogrphed at TNA is Forvie Sands. It is dated 1950 and shows an air to air, air to ground and practice bombing range. I have not come across this as a range before, although the name does sound familiar. I suspect it may be a proposal but the file makes no mention of it.
Anyone heard of it before?

01-12-2010, 06:44
This would seem to be the location:


Peter Kirk
05-04-2012, 10:59
Whilst nosing around the area in a virtual way I noticed a tall square shadow in a field at NK 008 276 and through the miracle of Streetview found what looked to be a QS. This would be in a roughly correct area for the proposed dive bombing range but was it a QS? There are no apparent windows but that could be due to the poor quality photo at this distance or that they were bricked up. I suspected wishful thinking on my part so I checked Old-Maps.co.uk and it had it labelled as "TANK". Oh well!

Now the wishful thinking was fighting back. It was a bit elaborate for a tank wasn't it? Haven't we had this scenario before?


06-04-2012, 08:26
I think the 'Tank'caption is a cop-out! Like describing all above ground 'bumps' as 'Tumuli'

Why locate a tower tank in the middle of a field and how is it supplied with water. There is no record of bore-holes in this location other than a couple of trial pits for a proposed pipeline route.

It looks the part of a post-war QS/OP.

18-03-2013, 09:53

Would it be possible for you to send me the picture you have at Forvie Sands?

I have spent a good bit of time on the sands / Moor and building up a history of it.

At the start of the war, the golf course near collieston was requisitioned and used for tank driving training.

The Moor was used by the Army / home guard for mortor / grenade training as well as for guns. The forvie sands were used for desert warfare training and in some parts the metal fragments of the targets remain.

To the North of the moor, granade and mortor fragments can be found along with the odd bullet casing / slug.

There are some craters on the moor, and viable on google earth which look very like a bombing run from an aircraft

I have not heard of it being used for Aircraft before, but keen to look into this further!

Peter Kirk
18-03-2013, 10:54
This is the plan from 1950. As I said I am not sure if it ever went ahead. I suspect, as with a lot of post-war changes, the area was chosen because of it's previous use and therefore deemed to be easy to be converted to an air related range. A lot of post war new or resited ranges came up against a lot of public anger and by the time all the consultation was carried out and agreement reached, the original requirement was two years old and the planned users disbanded or moved elsewhere. If you can shed any light on this one it would be most helpful. Meanwhile I will try to locate the original file it was in. I don't think the British Newspaper Archive has this one covered in local papers online yet as this has been a good source of the final outcomes not always noted in the original files at Kew. I assume you have looked at the local archives?


18-03-2013, 12:04

Cant see the Plan

Can you email it to me? thanks

Peter Kirk
19-03-2013, 13:45
There was a reference to Forvie, albeit indirect, in the LUnan Bay file at TNA (AIR 2/10356). Lunan has had an odd history but after the war was not able to be upgraded to the safety standards of the time and a new range was required to replace it. The likely area had to be between Peterhead and Arbroath and this was probably the reason for the Forvie site being surveyed. By the time the Lunan Bay situation was close to being resolved the requirement had gone so Lunan Bay was closed down in March 1950. The assumption is that this also meant that Forvie was no longer required and therefore was never built but there is nothing definite in the file to say this.