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28-12-2010, 08:15
St Leonards Hospital WW2 - Extant building

For those 'into' hospitals:


28-12-2010, 11:16
I have been to this site before! probably about twenty five years ago now, but I took a trailer there loaded with new Hospital beds.
Took ages to unload it so I took myself off for a walk and found this part of the site. At the time I never appreciated what it was, and as keeping with the story of my life, I never had a camera with me!

P Bellamy
28-12-2010, 14:58
From the EH "England's Army Camps" report:

East Moors Camp
St. Leonards, Tricketts Cross, SU102020
1943, US hospital, 750 beds
Bolero new construction, built by MOWP
WO 107/106

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