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Paul Francis
01-02-2011, 15:24
At last we are now in a position where the archives are being sorted and cataloged. All archives except for our library books are being placed into large acid free archive boxes, the first 50 are practically full. However we are in a position to accept archives and if you can help with donating material please pm either me, Noel, CDP or REF - Thanks

The categories thus far properly stored are as follows (note some categories like negs and slides have more than one box. There are nine negs and five boxes of slides for example, while some topics like airfield history and aircraft company files are waiting for the next batch of 50 boxes:

Postcards (aviation, army and holiday camps)
Air Raid Precautions
Home Guard
Control Tower photos
Air Estimates
Army Estimates
Railways in Wartime
Aircraft factories (data)
Airfield Review
Large format Aerial photos (airfields)
Large format Hangar Photos
Airfield Focus
Wind Tunnel (data)
Wind Tunnel (photos)
Airfield History booklets
Airfield History files
Camouflage & Paint
Airshow Programmes
Engine Company (data and photos)
Aviation company letter headed note paper
Building Co brochures and pamphlets
Prefab houses
Runway pavement and airfield construction

Thanks for reading

01-02-2011, 16:47
I noticed on an article on the main site that you said you'd received a lot of donations without any sort of organisation which was making it time consuming to archive and sort.

Have you drawn up any guidelines for those of us savvy enough to index or add meta-data to our images that would speed up getting them into the archives? I might have some digital photos I can donate which you can print out as paper copies for archival purposes if you want. I would just like to ensure you get them in a useful way and not be a burden.

Paul Francis
01-02-2011, 17:53
Are OneEightBit the above refers only to physical archives, AiX Admin deals with digital archives.

Jim Hope
05-07-2012, 08:43
Do we need/want a slide storage cabinet? It will hold 6500 slides.

Paul Francis
05-07-2012, 09:20
Jim, all our slides are in airfield specific folders, mounted in acid free slide sheets, so I dont think we do. The folders will be stored in archive boxes and placed in steel cabinets. But thanks for the offer though. What are those slides of?

Jim Hope
05-07-2012, 11:57
I have no idea. I was at Henlow Signals Museum on Tuesday photographing a load of RSP's when they made the offer. I'll contact them on Tuesday and let them know we don't want it.

Alex Brown
06-07-2012, 11:41
I have no idea. I was at Henlow Signals Museum on Tuesday photographing a load of RSP's when they made the offer. I'll contact them on Tuesday and let them know we don't want it.

Jim, we are very interested in the slides if they are getting rid of them as well?
If they really need to shift the whole lot and you are able to take it and keep it for a short while until collection can be arranged, or bring it to Alconbury at some point, then I am prepared to shift the cabinet itself from there (hopefully through a sales channel of some sort so that we can make a few pounds for the archive, if possible...)

Paul Francis
17-08-2014, 21:49
I wonder what happened to this cabinet? I know we said we didn't want it but we do have around 75,000 slides! Quite a number are in the control cabin and the rest are still in my cellar.

Jim Hope
18-08-2014, 08:21
Have a word with the Signals Museum people. It may still be there.