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20-04-2011, 21:07
I have owned for a number of year JUV 894. She is a Douglas Transporter, supplied new in 1952 to Ministry of Aviation, Board of Trade.

She went new to Heathrow airport, where she stayed in the M.T. section for about thirty years. She is Chassis number 20

She has faired a bit better than chassis 21 which is now derelict but still known to survive

Chassis number 19 went new to Edinborough Airport and was registered JUV 893 and is undergoing restoration in Scotland.

20-04-2011, 22:24
As she looks at present.

21-04-2011, 15:54
Mighty impressive machine you have there - must admit it looks rather striking in the original livery - any thoughts of taking it back to that scheme?

21-04-2011, 16:21
Another fine truck! The cab looks AEC derived is that the case? Also looks like it has lost its roof glazing?
Like the Explorer aswel!

21-04-2011, 21:18
In the period up to the acquisition of Park Royal by the AEC ACV group AEC did not build cabs. In 1952 all AEC vehicles were sold as Bare Chassis with a scuttle and every cab was built by one of a number of Coach Builders.

I believe the Cab was built by H.C.B. (Hampshire Car Bodies), although Douglas also bought cabs from Nash Morgan.

There is a misconception that Douglas vehicles were conversions of AEC Matadors.

Some were, the first Douglas being built circa 1948/ 1949, and was a Matador conversion. Douglas continued to convert Ex W.D. Matadors for some time, but by 1952 the Army had stopped selling off Matadors. The Army got rid of some War tired Matadors with glee after the conflict, being promised the Leyland Martian as a replacement, but the development and entry into service of the Martian was a very protracted affair, beset with problems, and the Army soon found itself short of usable gun tractors, so the Army decided to recondition its existing Matador fleet, and even ordered new built Matadors from AEC.

This left Douglas with a problem since no Matadors were now being released. Instead they bought new components directly from AEC and built the vehicles from scratch..

This meant they had a much greater choice of components, and could choose the best part for each job.

My Douglas therefore has 10"" Mammoth Chassis Rails rather than 7 1/2" Matador chassis.

It has Mammoth 9.6 engine, Monarch rear axle, Matador Auxiliary gearbox and front axle, at least one cross member is from the post war 4x2 Matador (Later Monarch) artic tractor.

Rear springs are Mammoth but the front springs are not AEC. The biggest advantage to Douglas was they were not now restricted by the somewhat under engineered and underpowered 7 ton Turner winch of the Matador. My Douglas was built new with a 20 Ton Darlington type 70 winch.

The previous owner removed the cab roof glazing but I may put it back one day.

Richard Flagg
27-11-2011, 02:35
Sorry to see the photos are missing on here, does any one have any photos of the Douglas Transporter??