View Full Version : Strangford Lough (South Island) Bombing Range

29-04-2011, 21:15
If I am stupid Please do not tell everyone!

I had a walk around the South Island Bombing Range in Strangford Lough today.

I was hoping to see some sineage, evidence of activity etc but sadly ....Nothing.

As I was walking back towards my car I saw this.

Is it a fin from a practice bomb or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

If its part of a tractor or something please let me down gently and dont tell my mum cause she thinks I am great.:sad:

29-04-2011, 21:27
I think you will find that bomb tails fins were made from mild steel. This looks like either forged steel or cast iron. To me it looks um..err agricultural. I have an 11 lb wartime practice bomb and the tail is quite flimsy really!


30-04-2011, 08:29
Agricultural, I agree.

It's unclear (to me) what the South Island range was used for and by whom. If it was used for 'free' live bombing then there is a lack of craters. If it was a manned range used for live bombing then the Quadrant Shelters (assuming the target was on the western tip) would have been located one on the eastern end of the island and the other on the southern tip of Mid Island.

PNK, any information?

Peter Kirk
30-04-2011, 10:16
I don't have anything on Strangford Lough (South Island) apart from its location. There are a number of Northern Island sites I have listed with no information. Judging from recent experience I would hazard a guess at it being Fleet Air Arm related as there seems to be little relating to FAA ranges in TNA.
On the plus side it means there is still a mystery to be solved.