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Karl H
01-05-2011, 14:02
What would have been located at these "Splashers" and does anyone know if there is anything still existing at any of those sites? Splasher 6 was used by the 13th CW, so I was just curious if anything remains of it.

Richard Flagg
14-06-2012, 11:19
To add a bit more to the Splasher Beacons, there is a small display at Thorpe Abbotts on them, some info is on these phtoos




14-06-2012, 21:18
No. 6 Splasher

No.5 Splasher
from http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/publications/archaeology-norfolks-coastal-zone-nmp/Norfolk_Coast_NMP_Report_web.pdf
At least one radio countermeasures station was mapped, at Mundesley (NHER 38977). It comprised a dispersed arrangement of huts
enclosed by traverses and, by the end of the war, an array of pencil masts. The installation was used to counter the radio guidance systems of German bombers . Later in the war it acted as a SPLASHER navigational beacon for the USAAF (Brettingham 2006).


Had a look in TNA re Bunchers ans Splashers a while ago - very disappointing.

P Bellamy
14-06-2012, 22:21
The attached 8AF nav flimsy gives a few more details:


All the best,

Richard Flagg
28-12-2012, 19:47
Splasher 16 - Brampton

Had a look over this site this afternoon with PB and yankee@large.

1 - Main entrance

2 - We were unsure what this building was, its the smaller of the two that remain on the site.

3 - Internal view, note the steel girder

4 - At the rear was this pit (oil? or water?) and adjacent sump pit

5 - Larger of the two buildings on the site

6 - Larger of the two buildings on the site

7 - Inside the larger of the two buildings on the site

8 - Inside the larger of the two buildings on the site

9 - Inside the larger of the two buildings on the site

10 - A/M boundary fence post

P Bellamy
28-12-2012, 21:50
Thanks to Jeff for showing us around this afternoon. :)

The main building appears to be a W/T Transmitter Building (TB) 4561/40 or similar.
When compared to other survivors at Molesworth (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?64-Molesworth&p=53482&viewfull=1#post53482) and Halfpenny Green (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?1908-Halfpenny-Green&p=104121&viewfull=1#post104121) there are some variations in window and roof truss details, but all three are basically the same.

P Bellamy
28-12-2012, 21:59
The initial Air Ministry system of Splasher beacons was operating by May 1943.
On the 10th of that month there were twelve stations, three more were added during the summer of 1943 and a further one in the following winter.

1: ?
2: ?
3: Marske (Horse Close Farm)
4: Louth
5: Cromer (Mundesley)
6: Scole (Frenze Hall)
7: Braintree
8: Flimwell
9: Beachy Head
10: Windlesham
11: Rogate
12: ?
13: Templecombe
14: Lympsham
15: Fairmile
16: Brampton (Water Meadows)

30-12-2012, 01:16
Hey PB,
On the flimsy, what do the column headers "C/S" and "FCCY" mean? I'm guessing that FCCY is frequency?

Also, may I use this flimsy on my 8th AF website (with proper citation)?


P Bellamy
30-12-2012, 02:31
Hi Tom,

I'm presuming C/S is the transmitted Call Sign and FCCY is Frequency.

The flimsy is something I found online many years ago but I can't remember where, possibly on one of the various 8AF group association websites.
I can't claim any form of copyright on it, as in theory as a US Government bit of bumf it's in the Public Domain.

All the best,

P Bellamy
11-04-2013, 23:20
The smaller building at the Brampton site is now confirmed as a Standby Set House on a works drawing of a proposal to place a standby transmitter in the summerhouse of Watermeadows in late spring 1944.

P Bellamy
10-05-2013, 00:04
Wartime photos of the interior of the WT Building transmitter hall and the interior of the reserve WT Building can be seen in the main Brampton thread HERE (http://www.airfieldinformationexchange.org/community/showthread.php?2130-Brampton-Grange&p=125782&viewfull=1#post125782)

20-08-2014, 14:11
Splashers 1, 2 and 12 need locating. One of these will be Mintlaw near Aberdeen.

EDIT: Ashmansworth and Mintlaw were Nos. 1 and 2 (but don't know which).

Only one Splasher to find now - No.12.