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10-05-2011, 15:39
I was made very welcome here & even trundled about in a 4x4 to see the gun butt. It has a hard standing some 100ft (?) in front of it. It's different to ones at Anthorn, & is the only building left here now. I assume aircraft were moved from the hangar (only the base visible now) to the butts, but I couldn't see a taxiway. My driver wanted to know what the small side building was used for. I said probably to store targets hung from the ceiling to record bullet hits, & other clerical gubbins....?

Spaces were knocked out of the drystone walls & V spaces made for the aircraft, I was told, behind.

The actual strip was made of metal mesh, now still being used for fencing.
There was a 70th anniversary BofB flyin here last Oct, organised by the Kirkbride gyroplane company.

Peter Kirk
10-05-2011, 20:57
Great stuff. Are you on an SLG trip by any chance?
Pity there are no official drawings but there are some wartime aerial photos knocking around I understand.

10-05-2011, 23:01
No - it's accidental. norwichpaul asked if I'd been to Wath Head & as I'd not I thought I'd give it a whirl. As it was so enjoyable I thought I'd visit other SLGs in the locality....there are 5 here abouts. Authors like Martyn Chorlton mention crews & aircraft, etc, but they usually don't mention physical remains so I thought I'd see what I can find. Finding that green Wath Head 'Maycrete' hut 2 days ago was as exciting as when I saw my first blast pen! It's the only one left of 6 & I've told them they have a gem in their midst.

It's good to know there may be aerial photos of SLGs as that's more than I'd assumed, having thought most effort would be on the more exciting regular airfield. I am sure tho' that lots of local people would have got their box Brownies out but these photos are in private hands today (& drawers) & the owners don't realise they are lots of us who'd love to see them......

As for plans...I gather a plan of Wath Head appeared in Airfield Review in 2001, & I've had the offer of a copy!
I might do Hornby Hall 3 miles east of Penrith tomorrow if the weather keeps fine. My fingers are crossed....

Richard Drew
11-05-2011, 20:52
http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/oxfordshire/starveallfarm03/pics/main06.jpg Starveall Farm, Oxford. SLG. (http://www.atlantikwall.co.uk/atlantikwall/oxfordshire/starveallfarm01/html/page01.htm)

What were the three square holes in the roof for??



11-05-2011, 23:48
Thanks Richard. The Hutton specimen has recesses but not holes. There was an earth bank at the rear but I couldn't see the roof. I don't know what the holes or recesses were for. Another question is why the two windows or doors as you describe them? Starveall is much better preserved than any of the Cumbrian sites I've been to, & I see the butt doesn't have the round top side walls.

I hope to nip out to Hornby Hall tomorrrow.......

Paul Francis
12-05-2011, 10:50
Finding that green Wath Head 'Maycrete' hut 2 days ago was as exciting as when I saw my first blast pen!

Excellent, its so true, not even the airfield memorial greats like REF Noel and CDP can claim to have touched or photographed a Maycrete. Its almost as if its the one building that one has to make contact with in order to be a fully fledged airfield archaeologist. Congrats Gypsymoth you are now in that exclusive club. I think we need a special badge that only us members can ware.

16-05-2011, 09:47
I reckon he will come across more on his journey! Satellite Landing Grounds are little explored and recorded. Good Luck!

18-05-2011, 16:36
Holes in the roof...I read somewhere they were to relieve blast pressure when the guns were fired into the butt sand.....? Can't see it myself but someone with more knowledge might tell us one day!
The only real mention of SLGs I've come across so far is Mr.K.Delve......bare facts but nothing about buildings, etc.....

Paul Francis
19-05-2011, 09:04
There was a series of articles on SLGs in 2001 or there abouts, over several issues I think plus earlier articles on the relationship of ASUs and SLGs which appeared in the 1990s I think.

19-05-2011, 12:22
There was a series of articles on SLGs in 2001 or there abouts...
AR 91 - 95. An excellent series by the late Barry Abraham. Incidentally the article states that the following (from our archive) were not developed as SLGs but became full airfields.

17 Maydown (23 MU Aldergrove)
18 St Angelo (23 MU Aldergrove)
20 Langford Lodge (23 MU Aldergrove)
25 Findo Gask (44 MU Edzell)
47 Number not used