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Paul Francis
06-07-2011, 18:24
I would like to include here a list of TA units and headquarters etc. I have made a start with Glasgow. If anyone can add any other citys and towns please include them in this thread but no chat please just lists. All chat will be removed.

Note: that it would be good to include the units present prior to the 1957 Defence White Paper when TA units were reduced from 266 fighting units to 195, and when many units were amalgamated.

Glasgow TA Units: December 1949

HQ, 68 AA Brigade, RA. Maryhill Barracks, NW

HQ, 264 (Scottish) Beach Brigade. Maryhill Barracks, NW

66th (AA) Independent Company, WRAC. Maryhill Barracks, NW

HQ, 77 AA Brigade, RA. 261 West Princess Street, C4

30 (Medium) Signal Squadron. 261 West Princess Street, C4

591 (Medium) LAA / Searchlight Regiment, RA. 261 West Princess Street, C4

Queen’s Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry. 51 Yorkhill Parade, C3

474 (Mobile) HAA Regiment RA. 31 Yorkhill Parade, C3

592 LAA Regiment, RA. 31 Yorkhill Parade, C3

106 Transport Column, RASC. 41 Yorkhill Parade, C3

15th (Scottish) Battalion, The Parachute Regiment. 172 Yorkhill Parade, C3

157 (Lowland) Field Ambulance, RAMC. 61 Yorkhill Parade, C3

4 (Scottish) General Hospital, RAMC. 31 Yorkhill Parade, C3

300 Airborne Squadron. 172 Yorkhill Street, C2

329 Port Operating Squadron, RE. 35 Coplaw Street, S2

7th Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). 35 Coplaw Street, S2

330 Port Operating Squadron, RE. 122 Hotspur Street, NW.

331 Crane Operating Squadron, RE. 122 Hotspur Street, NW

1st Battalion. The Glasgow Highlanders. 122 Hotspur Street, NW

30 (Lowland) Independent Armoured Brigade Signal Squadron. 21 Jardine Street, NW

85 AGRA (Field) Signal Squadron. 21 Jardine Street, NW

L of C Signal Regiment. 21 Jardine Strret, NW

264 (Scottish) Beach Brigade Signal Squadron. 21 Jardine Street, NW

154 (Highland) Field Ambulance, RAMC. 159 Butterbiggins Road, S2

30 (Lowland) Independent Armoured Brigade, Provost Unit, CRMP. 159 Butterbiggins Road, S2

51 (Highland) Infantry Division, RAOC. 75 Berkeley Street, C3

51 (Highland) Infantry Division, OFP, RAOC. 75 Berkeley Street, C3

30 (Lowland) Independent Armoured Brigade, OFP, RAOC. 75 Berkeley Street, C3

50 (Scottish) Beach Ordnance Company, RAOC. 75 Berkeley Street, C3

51 (Scottish) Beach Ordnance Company, RAOC. 75 Berkeley Street, C3

154 (Highland) Infantry Workshop, REME. 138 Berkeley Street, C3

264 Beach Brigade Column, RASC. 138 Berkeley Street, C3

30 (Lowland) Armoured Workshop, REME. 81 Greendyke Street, C1

30 (Lowland) Medium Workshop, REME. 81 Greendyke Street, C1

48 AA Workshop Company, REME. 69 Main Street, Bridgeton, SE

483 HAA Regiment, RA. 69 Main Street, Bridgeton, SE

143 Field Security Section. 8 Newton Terrace, C3

114 Field Security Section. 8 Newton Terrace, C3

117 Field Security Section. 8 Newton Terrace, C3

Intelligence Corps (TA). 8 Newton Terrace, C3

280 Medium Regiment, RA. 21 Taylor Street, C4

HQ, 85 AGRA (Field) (Lowland). 21 Taylor Street, C4

Glasgow University Training Corps (TA). Drill Hall, University Avenue, W2

518 LAA / Searchlight Regiment, RA. 22 Lochburn Road, NW

5/6th Battalion, The Highland Light Infantry. 24 Hill Street, C3

45 AA Workshop Company, REME. Inverlair Avenue, Cathcart , S4

29 (Medium) Signal Squadron. 1120 Aikenhead Road, S4

85 (Field) AGRA Workshop, REME. 34 Elder Street, SW1

315 (Scottish) Command Battalion, WRAC. 203 West George Street C2

602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron RAuxAF. Abbotsinch, Paisley

2602 LAA Squadron, RAuxAF. RAF Station Bishopbriggs

3602 Fighter Control Unit, RAuxAF. RAF Station Bishopsbriggs

06-07-2011, 20:46
240 (Hertfordshire) Tank Transporter Squadron at RCT St Albans Rd, Barnet. EN5 4JX (557 (Hertfordshire) Tank Transporter Squadron RCT (TA) formally)
240 (Hertfordshire) Tank Transporter Squadron at RCT Bedford Rd, Hitchin. SG5 2UD (557 (Hertfordshire) Tank Transporter Squadron RCT (TA) formally)

06-07-2011, 21:42
Hi Paul.

Your header states 'Territorial Army Sites', however, you included RAuxAF units in your list. The Reserve Forces consist of more than the Territorial Army, and the following site may be of help. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reserve_Forces_and_Cadets_Association My last job in the MOD before I retired was working in the Directorate of Reserve Forces and Cadets as a Desk Officer.


Paul Francis
06-07-2011, 22:36
Your points duly noted Robin - hense a Note added to post 1.

07-07-2011, 09:39
In Preston theres currently the following;

Fulwood Barracks; C Squadron 5 Medical Regiment.

Kimberley Barracks; Hq Company and B Company the Duke of Lancasters Regiment, a det of 202 Sqn Royal Engineers, ACF det and 341 Sqn ATC.

Previously Fulwood Barracks housed D Sqn The Duke of Lancasters own Yeomanry. And Stanley St drill hall (next door to HMP Preston) housed 88 regiment Royal Artillery and a battalion of the Loyals.

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:12
'A' Towns

2612 Light AA Regiment, RA, Aberdeen

152 Field Ambulance, Aberdeen

4/7th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders, Aberdeen

555 HAA (Mobile) Regiment, RA, Accrington

7th Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers, Alnwick

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:15
'B' Towns

61 HQ Army Signal Regiment, Bedford

245 (M) HAA Regiment RA, Belfast

608 (M) HAA Regiment, RA, Bexley Heath

113 Assult Engineer Regiment Birkenhead

594 HAA Regiment, RA Birmingham

18 Battalion Parachute Regiment, Birmingham

‘B’ Squadron, Royal Warwickshire Yeomanry, Birmingham

6 Battalion Light Infantry, Bishop Auckland

646 LAA Regiment, RA (5th Essex), Bishops Stortford

337 HAA Regiment, RA, Blackpool

12 Battalion Parachute Regiment, Bradford

293 LAA Regiment, RA, Burnley

6 Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment, Burton-on-Trent

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:16
'C' Towns

10 Battalion Parachute Regiment, Charlton

646 LAA Regiment (5th Essex), Chelmsford

599 HAA Regiment, RA Chingford

530 LAA Regiment, RA, Colchester

‘A’ Squadron, Royal Warwickshire Yeomanry, Coventry

390 LAA Regiment, RA (King’s Own), Crosby (amalgamated with 306 HAA Regiment, RA (Lancs Hussars) on 15-07-50)

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:29
'D' Towns

553 LAA Regiment, RA, Doncaster

419 Coast Regiment RA, Dovercourt

153 Field Ambulance, Dundee

276 Field Regiment, RA, Dundee

586 LAA / SL Regiment (Highland), RA, Dundee

570 LAA / SL Regiment, Dulwich

471 (Medium) HAA Regiment, Dunfermline

8 Battalion Durham Light Infantry, Durham

274 (N) Field Regiment, RA, Durham

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:31
'E' Towns

258 LAA Regiment, RA, Eastbourne

4 Battalion R, 535 LAA / SL Regiment, RA, Eastleigh

571 LAA / SL Regiment, RA, Edgware

587 LAA Regiment, Edinburgh

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:33
'G' Towns

284 (M) HAA Regiment, Great Yarmouth

536 (M) LAA / SL Regiment, Guildford

Jim Hope
08-07-2011, 09:33
Prince William of Gloucester Bks, Grantham ( formerly RAF Spitalgate).

Catering Support Regt

160 Transport Regt

162 Movement Control Regt

88 Postal & Courier Regt

165 Port & Maritime Regt

166 Supply Regt

168 Pioneer Regt


Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:34
'H' Towns

6th Battalion The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Hamilton

4th Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers Hexham

11 Battalion Parachute Regiment, Hounslow

50 Division Column RASC, Hull

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:36
'K' Towns

599 LAA / SL Regiment, RA, Kingsbury

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:38
'L' Towns

45 Royal Tank Regiment, Leeds

514 LAA Regiment RA, Linlithgow

107 Field Engineer Regiment, Liverpool

13 Battalion, Parachute Regiment, Liverpool

306 HAA RA, Liverpool

4 AA Group Column Liverpool (N) RASC, Liverpool

525 LAA / SL Regiment RA, Liverpool

359 Medium Regiment RA, Liverpool

1st Battalion Liverpool Scottish, Liverpool

40th Battalion, Royal Tank Regiment, Liverpool

5 King’s Regiment, Liverpool

626 HAA Regiment RA Liverpool

Inns of Court Regiment, London

HAC Infantry Battalion, London

London Rifle Brigade Rangers, London

Queen’s Westminsters, London

660 (M) HAA Regiment, RA, Lowestoft

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:40
'N' Towns

272 Field Regiment RA, Newcastle

4/5 Battalion Royal Northumberland Fusiliers, Newcastle

636 LAA Regiment, RA, Newtown

283 Field Regiment RA, Newport

428 (M) HAA Regiment, RA, Newport (IoW)

2 Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment, Newport

284 HAA Regiment, RA Norwich

905 Company, RASC, Nottingham

307th (S Notts Hussars) Yeomanry Field Regiment, RA, Derby Road Drill Hall, Nottingham

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:41
'P' Towns

51st (Highland) Division Provost Company, Perth

416 Coast Regiment RA, Port Glasgow

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:42
'R' Towns

489 HAA Regiment, RA, Ramsgate

480 HAA Regiment, RA, Reading

467 HAA Regiment RA, Rotherham

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:44
'S' Towns

Sharpshooters St John’s Wood

259 HAA Regiment, Shorncliffe

516 (M) LAA/ SL Regiment, RA, Sittingbourne

645 LAA Regiment, Slough

14 Battalion Parachute Regiment, Southampton

6 Battalion. North Staffordshire Regiment Stafford

49 AA Workshop Company Stalybridge

360 HAA Regiment, RA, Stockport

576 LAA / SL Regiment, RA, Stoke-on-Trent

‘C’ Squadron, Royal Warwickshire Yeomanry, Stratford-on-Avon

285 Airborne Light Regiment, RA, Stratford

389 LAA Regiment, RA, Swaffham

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:45
'T' Towns

4th Battalion, Royal West Kent Regiment, Tonbridge

609 Medium HAA Regiment Tottenham

537 LAA / SL Regiment RA, Tynemouth

Paul Francis
08-07-2011, 09:46
'W' Towns

Warwickshire Yeomanry, Warwick

88 AGRA Workshops, Wellington

427 (M) HAA Regiment, West Hartlepool

52 AA Workshop Company Wolverhampton

267 Field Regiment RA, Worcester

528 LAA Regiment RA, Worksop

4th Battalion, The Suffolk Regiment, Woodbridge

12-07-2011, 20:23
I actually added a list of TA drill halls to Secret Scotland a while back, and other members have helped expand it-

Lt Cmdr ( A )
11-11-2011, 19:01
Widnes has B Company, 4th Battalion Mercian regiment at it's local Drill Hall