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Richard Flagg
03-08-2008, 17:51

04-08-2008, 21:08
Sorry to put my anorak on guys but just thought I'd mention the problem with photo 3. It is a Mark 2 Contact Light, reputedly obtained from the main runway (via a Dave Smith publication).
Cheddington (according to my bible AIR2/5500) was down as 'contact lighting required' as at Xmas 1943.

Now the Mk.2 light with its distinctive star / cog wheel shape was only used in the early part of WWII. So what's it doing at Cheddington. It should have been fitted with the Mk.3 which was a much simpler more efficient design - circular without the cogs, using less valuable cast iron. I believe the Mk.3 was used from 1942 onwards.

The MK.3 seating has two cast arrows built into it at 180 degrees. On every installation I've seen these always point along the axis of the runway. At Llandow however there are two pairs of lights where the main runway crosses a subsidiary.On one side the two fittings have their arrows correctly aligned. On the other they are at a totally random angle to the runway.

I wish I'd never heard of contact lights as the records in the TNA are very sparse and contradictory. The more I discover about them the more confused I get !
Anorak off - I'm going to get a life!

airfields man
06-04-2012, 18:56
Dedication photographs which I'm sure that I've posted before? In the last photograph the chap on the left is an American who flew from Cheddington during the war. The chap with all the regalia is I'm sure a Norwegian? dignitary. The plain geezer is one of our's from the Bucks Herald Newspaper. Can't find the paper cutting with this information now.